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Configure order fulfillment/delivery

Configure order fulfillment/delivery

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Enable customers to start using your services immediately after they finalize the purchase process and use electronic content delivery to distribute binary keys, activation codes, product files, etc. to your shoppers as soon as 2Checkout receives payment confirmation. Increase Average Order Value (AOV) by offering as backup media (CDs/DVDs/USBs) and Download Insurance to shoppers.

Supported business models

If your business relies on electronic software distribution (ESD), Software as a Service (SaaS), Information Services, Service Contracts, and even on physical delivery, you can easily leverage the scalability of 2Checkout's platform built to support the software and SaaS markets.


All 2Checkout accounts. Contact 2Checkout directly to:

  • Set up Backup Media.
  • Access extra storage space for your product files. 
  • Inquire about physical delivery. 

Configure product delivery options

Define product delivery options along with general information, pricing schemes, renewal details and all additional info needed when configuring a product.

  1. Go to Setup -> Products.
  2. Click Add product.
  3. Enter the item's general information and click Add product when you're done.
  4. Enter the pricing, upgrade and renewal details on the next page.
  5. Three Product fulfillment categories are available:
    • Fulfillment made through 2Checkout delivery - You can opt to have 2Checkout deal with all aspects related to the delivery of your products, and serve binary keys, activation codes, Backup Media, product files and Download Insurance Service (DIS) to customers. Here you can also choose to manually confirm the delivery of the order. If you enable the Requires delivery confirmation option, 2Checkout puts the order processing on hold until you confirm delivery .
    • Fulfillment made by you - You are responsible with providing your customers with the necessary resources to start using purchased products. It's critical that you also send confirmation of order fulfillment to 2Checkout to finalize orders.
    • Fulfillment made immediately after payment confirmation - Use this if don't distribute products / keys to customers, but instead offer access to online services or subscriptions-based applications, to name a couple of examples.

Fulfillment made through 2Checkout delivery

2Checkout handles the delivery of your products, but you control the content served to customers as well as the distribution method, and can even add extra services to increase the value of your offerings.

Selecting Fulfillment made through 2Checkout delivery brings up the Content & methods box, enabling you to configure the delivery process of a product. The Fulfillment area tailors itself dynamically to the options you select under Product fulfillment type and Content & methods. Options available:

  • Delivery content
  • Delivery methods
  • Extra delivery services

Delivery content

When 2Checkout handles the delivery of products on your behalf, it's mandatory that you check at least one of the boxes for the two Delivery content options:

Electronic code / key / binary file 

Makes it mandatory to also select a list of codes from the drop down menu under the Activation codes settings area that is brought up. If none exists, you need to create a new code list and associate it with the product.

Product file download links

2Checkout can deliver your digital product files to shoppers immediately after they successfully placed an order.

In the product Fulfillment page, set the files you want to deliver from the Assign product files list under the Product file area. You need to upload and set up product files, if you haven't done so already. Click here to learn how to manage product files.

Assign multiple product files in case your delivery requires separate installation files for one product in the download page. For example, if your product has support for multiple operating systems: Windows, MAC OSX, etc., your shoppers can receive and download the product files for all supported versions. You can add multiple product files at once by checking all the files you want to assign from the list. The list contains all the product files uploaded by you that have a clean status, including the ones currently assign to your product. Keep in mind that when assigning a product file you have to check the extra delivery services involved: download link, Backup Media, download insurance service (DIS), and partner (channel manager).

Shoppers are able to download the product files from:

  • Thank you page - If you have checked the delivery method of Instant delivery (in the Thank you page). This delivery option is available for payment methods with instant payment confirmation like credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Note that HTML tags are not supported in the ConvertPlus and InLine Checkout flows when using additional fulfillment information in 'Thank you' page .  Plain text can be used instead.

  • myAccount - Your shoppers can download the product files by logging into their 2Checkout customer account. The product files are available on the product history page, after clicking on the "Download product" button.
  • Download page - The electronic delivery e-mail sent to your customers contains a "Download your product" button. By accessing it, customers are redirected to the download page where they can download all the product files belonging to the product ordered.

You can select both delivery options (product files / electronic code), in accordance with the distribution model of the product you're setting up. At least one of these options needs to be enabled for your offering to benefit from 2Checkout delivery. It's entirely up to you to offer the electronic code/key/binary file to your customers, a link to download the product file, or both.


You can only assign clean files to your products. 2Checkout scans the files uploaded for malware, and only files in clean status can be delivered to shoppers. 

Delivery methods

By Email & in 2Checkout myAccount 

Default - cannot be disabled. Ensures that customers who acquire your products receive at least the electronic code / key / binary file or a link to download the product file, if not both, via email and in their myAccount, from 2Checkout. Consider customizing the email message sent to your customers using the Additional delivery information - by email field

Instant delivery (in the Thank you page) 

Have 2Checkout instantly deliver product files and keys in the Thank you page displayed once a purchase is finalized. 2Checkout displays the Thank you page to customers if the payment method they use supports instant confirmation (credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.) and automatically approved by the system/anti-fraud team, otherwise the instant electronic delivery can be delayed or even canceled altogether. You cannot use Instant delivery together with the Requires delivery confirmation feature.

The delivery content, also available in Email and in 2Checkout myAccount, is included in the Thank you page that you customize.

Instant delivery works for authorized and approved purchases. If the transaction fails or if the 2Checkout system flags an order as potentially fraudulent, 2Checkout does not display the instant delivery content in the "Thank You Page". In such scenarios, the delivery takes place over email once the order is authorized and approved.

Regardless if you checked the Instant delivery option or not, you can personalize the Additional delivery information - "Thank you" page with details according to your preferences in the field which is found at the bottom of the page.

Extra delivery services

Both Backup media and DIS (Download insurance service) are optional services that you can charge extra for, providing you with an easy tool to increase Average Order Value (AOV) while also offering a richer set of shopping cart options to customers.

Backup Media

When you select 2Checkout delivery you enable 2Checkout to create and ship backup media from the files you provide, as well as hosting the product files and making them available for download. The Backup media option brings up the Backup media area, and it's mandatory that you choose an existing File/Compilation, or create a new media backup product:

  • Static (by providing an ISO)
  • Dynamic (by using the files uploaded directly to 2Checkout servers)

DIS (Download insurance service)

By enabling the DIS (Download insurance service), customers get the option to pay to extend the life span of the product file download link for a total of two (2) years, but also to download the item an unlimited number of times. Make sure to associate a downloadable file associated with the product in the Product file area.

Orders and payments are confirmed via email when this option is selected with 2Checkout also delivering product keys / codes and download links through email. Order deliveries are confirmed automatically causing 2Checkout to execute the money transfer from the customer.

Fulfillment made by you

Distribute binary keys, activation codes, and product files, as well as additional files yourself by selecting Fulfillment made by you. You're required to confirm  fulfillment of all orders before 2Checkout can move their status to Finished.

You can confirm delivery in two ways:

  1. Go to Orders & customers and Fulfillment confirmations to access a list of all incomplete orders that need fulfillment confirmation. Select he check box on the left hand side of an order you want to finalize and click Confirm fulfillment.
  2. Use Instant Delivery Notification (IDN). IDN helps you automate the order finalization process. Use scripts and rely on Instant Delivery Notification to facilitate automatic delivery confirmations from your system directly to 2Checkout servers..

2Checkout puts orders on hold until you confirm fulfillment, and finalizes them only after receiving confirmation from you or your system.Fulfillment made by you offers the possibility to have 2Checkout handle the distribution of backup media of products to customers on your behalf. Having set up the backup media for a product, select it in the File / Compilation drop down menu. 

The Additional information - "Thank you" page functionality enables you to serve a custom message to your customers along with the "thank you" for their purchase.

Please note that the responsibility of providing customers with electronic deliveries for your offerings rests solely with you, and not with 2Checkout. For products which you configured with Fulfillment made by you, order fulfillment confirmation is mandatory as 2Checkout keeps track of the product distribution process for all orders, with the system setting order status to Finished only after the fulfillment was made and confirmed manually or through IDN by you.

2Checkout confirms order and payments via email when you select this option but does not deliver product keys / codes and download links. Once you confirm order fulfillment, 2Checkout executes the money transfer from the customer.

Fulfillment made immediately after payment confirmation

Designed with SaaS in mind, this feature enables you to sell services, without delivering binary keys, activation codes, Backup Media, product file, or DIS to customers. Please note that you can still have 2Checkout offer Backup Media on your behalf.

Use Fulfillment made immediately after payment confirmation if your business model does not rely on electronic content delivery, and instead involves selling subscriptions or access to online services, etc.

Fulfillment made immediately after payment confirmation comes with the option to have 2Checkout handle the distribution of backup media to customers on your behalf. Having set up the backup media for a product, select it in the File / Compilation drop down menu, and 2Checkout will handle the rest.

The Additional information - "Thank you" field allows you to customize the message for your shoppers as you wish.

For products which you configured with Fulfillment made immediately after payment confirmation, 2Checkout confirms orders automatically, with their status updated to Finished after payment goes through. 2Checkout does not keep track of deliveries when you use this option, and you need to provide customers with access/subscriptions to your service/platform or additional delivery options.

2Checkout confirms order and payments via email but does not deliver product keys / codes and download links through email. Order fulfillment is confirmed automatically causing 2Checkout to execute the money transfer from the customer.

Enable delivery confirmation

If you want to manually approve or reject orders after the 2Checkout performs the risk assessment, you can do so after you enable the vendor delivery confirmation feature.


Before you can use this feature, get in contact with your Customer Success Manager and ask for the activation of this option on your 2Checkout account.


Follow these steps to enable it.

  1. Log in to the 2Checkout Control Panel
  2. Go to the Account Settings page
  3. Click Manage user access
  4. Go to the View roles tab and click Edit on the role that you want to enable the delivery confirmation feature for.
  5. Under the Orders & Reports roles section, check the Enable delivery confirmation approval checkbox and click Save role at the bottom of the page.

How do I confirm orders?

When a shopper places an order, you now have the option to either manually confirm or reject the order from the order's status page in the Control Panel. If you don't confirm or reject the order for 14 days, 2Checkout automatically reverses it.

We also notify you about the order requiring confirmation in the Control Panel dashboard on the Last orders tab. Shoppers see their order marked with a Pending status in myAccount until you confirm the delivery.

2Checkout also notifies them that the order is waiting for your approval through a message in the Order lookup section.

How to activate delivery confirmation IPN

You can configure 2Checkout to send an IPN when you confirm the delivery of an order by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to the 2Checkout Control Panel.
  2. Go to the Account Settings page.
  3. Click Edit sytem settings.
  4. Go to the IPN settings tab.
  5. Check the the order was approved for delivery option under Notification settings. 
  6. Click Save.
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