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Orders with dynamic product information

Orders with dynamic product information

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Dynamic products are a mechanism designed to enable you to pass purchase information directly from your system into 2Checkout without first configuring the products in your Control Panel or via API. Bypass the need for handling 2Checkout's catalog products and create orders with product information sent dynamically via API or through ConvertPlus URL parameters. Receive payments from your customers by using the products defined in your own system, or in your shopping cart applications.


This functionality is available only for merchants on the 2Sell and 2Subscribe accounts (PSP business model), for orders that are placed both through ConvertPlus/InLine ordering engines and API calls.

Dynamic Products Parameters

2Checkout allows you to create orders and receive payments by using the following product types: 

  • PRODUCT - Item purchased by the customer. It is mandatory to send the name and price of the product item.
    • Products can have pricing and recurring options assigned.Picture1.png
  • TAX - Additional fee/charge that will be considered 'Tax' in the ordering process. Taxes may have recurring options assigned.
  • SHIPPING - Item that contains the name and amount corresponding to the shipping method.
  • COUPON - Item that contains the discount to be applied to the entire order.

Orders with dynamic information allow you to control, without an existing setup, the following product attributes:

  • Price
    • You have full control over the price applied to the purchase. Example: $20 price for product A.
  • Product pricing options (together with name and prices)
    • You can pass the pricing options information dynamically. Example: A pricing option named users that adds a surcharge of $5 for option 3-5 users, and $10 for option 5-10 users.
  • Product purchase type
    • Set the purchase type (tangible or intangible). Example: intangible for products delivered electronically.
  • Recurring options
    • Set the product recurring options that include the contract length and unit, cycle length and unit, and recurring amount to be charged. Example: a recurring charge of $20, on a monthly basis for the next 2 years.

Reporting dynamic products

Orders placed with dynamic product information are included in your account reports and can be found in your Order Search area of the Control Panel, and in the Products Reports based on which your sales invoices are generated.

Dynamic products are not displayed in the Products section of the 2Checkout Control Panel.

How to place orders with dynamic information

Orders with dynamic products via API

Place orders via 2Checkout's latest API version and send the product information as part of the call. Create orders with dynamic product information, that contain the following product types: product, tax, shipping, and coupon.


Product code must be sent as null. The order currency must match the payment currency, otherwise, an error is thrown. The isDynamic parameter of the Items object must be true.


Placing an order with both catalog and dynamic product information is not possible. Recurring options can be set only for purchase type PRODUCT and TAX.

How to test it?

You can place test orders via API with dynamic product information. Set the Payment details type to TEST in order to create an order in a test environment.

Place your first order with dynamic products

Read the documentation for guidance:

Orders with dynamic products via convertplus

Use ConvertPlus to create a dynamic ordering process by passing the product information to ConvertPlus through buy links parameters. With ConvertPlus dynamic ordering, you control the product name, price, recurring and pricing options, and many other product properties.  

Learn more about ConvertPlus buy link parameters and dynamic ordering.

Alternatively, you can generate buy links for dynamic products directly from your Control Panel. Learn more about ConvertPlus dynamic ordering via Control Panel.

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