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Country based promotions

Last updated: 14-May-2018
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Create promotions that apply based on your customer's country of purchase. Customers across the world respond to different incentives, therefore by making your promotions country specific you are increasing the effectiveness of your marketing tools. Set promotions to apply to a certain country, region or continent, depending on your business needs.

How it works

To make your promotions country specific, follow these steps:

1. Set pricing localization

Geo-specific promotions work by incorporating a local pricing configuration in the promotion setup. Use pricing localization capabilities to define specific prices based on customer's country / region / continent. Check our pricing localization article for learning how to define local prices for your products.

2. Assign pricing configurations to your promotions

To make your promotions geo-specific, click on Add pricing options when creating a promotion. Select the products that have a localized pricing scheme, and add the pricing configuration in the promotion setup.

promotion pricing options.png

Click on Add to promotion, to successfully add a localized pricing configuration to your promotion. 

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