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Last updated: 05-Feb-2021
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Configure multiple types of promotions to encourage shoppers to purchase your products and renew subscriptions.


Contact your account manager to enable Order Promotions for your account.

All other promotion types are available for all 2Checkout accounts.

Any advertised promotion (coupon-based or not) will be applied to the unit price after that unit price has been affected by volume discounts.


Add at least one product before defining a promotion.


Depending on the promotion configuration, you can set it to trigger for specific or all products or orders.


You can configure multiple promotion types:

  1. Product promotions
  2. Order promotions
  3. Recurring promotions
  4. Quantity promotions
  5. Affiliate promotions
  6. Partner promotions

Promotion codes

When defining promotions, you can set your discounts to auto-apply, or they can be applied based on a coupon code entered by the customer in the shopping cart.

The promotional codes have the following attributes:

  • The maximum length is 255 alphanumeric characters.
  • The minimum length is 1 alphanumeric character.
  • Not case sensitive.
  • The character encoding type is UTF-8.


You can apply only one type of promotion during the shopping process. Regular, quantity, and order promotions are mutually exclusive.


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