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Purchase flows

Purchase flows

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Shoppers place orders through 2Checkout by using an ordering/checkout interface. 2Checkout offers a collection of purchase flows/funnels, enabling you to control the complexity of the ordering process, from the first page in which customers land to the final stage of the purchase. Use specific query parameters to control the purchase flow in combination with Buy Links.


Available to all 2Checkout accounts.

Purchase Flows



Checkout with cart functionalities 
Shoppers land on the billing page with the shopping cart functionalities enabled. All marketing tools are also available (cross-selling, backup media, etc.)

One page checkout without review 
Shoppers get an all-in-one page experience: a shopping cart, a billing form, marketing tools, and the payment form (credit card and PayPal Express Checkout). They place orders without being directed to any other pages of the shopping cart.

One page checkout with review 
Shoppers get an all-in-one page experience: a shopping cart, a billing form, marketing tools, and a credit card form. Plus a review page from which they can place orders.

Add to Shopping Cart 
Shoppers add the selected product(s) to the shopping cart where they can modify quantities, add additional services (Backup Media, Download Insurance Service) or select more products from the cross-selling options.

Checkout page 
Shoppers land on the billing page having the product options already added to their shopping cart.

Product page 
Shoppers see all product details (descriptions, pricing options, etc) before proceeding to the ordering process. More than one product can be selected, resulting in a "one page" online shop.

Download trial 
Shoppers fill in the download form (based on your settings) before downloading the trial version of the selected product.

Paid trial

Use this to offer trial subscriptions for products, either free or at an extra charge. After the trial period expiration, clients are automatically charged with the full value of the product, unless they choose to cancel. The "Checkout page" purchase flow is used.

CART and CARD parameters can also be used with trial links.



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