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Trial conversion links

Trial conversion links

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Create trial conversion links to offer to your customers.These links enable shoppers using a trial to purchase a full subscription by landing them in a shopping cart prefilled with their details. 


Trial subscription status needs to be either Active or Past Due (in the grace period).

Create the manual trial conversion link

To manually build trial conversion links you need the following two elements:

The simplest trial conversion link you can build is:

Query parameters

The following table summarizes the additional URL parameters that you can insert into links to customize manual trial conversions.

Parameter Required Description



The system generated unique subscription reference.



Promotion coupon code to be applied in the order.



Value = 1. When DESIGN_TYPE=1 is used in Buy Links the parameter changes the layout of the shopping cart template interface, positioning the payment methods selector in a more prominent position, above the billing details area. Value = 1. Use DESIGN_TYPE=1 in Buy Links to change the layout of the shopping cart template interface, positioning the payment methods selector in a more prominent position, above the billing details area. 



LAYOUT_TYPE enables you to control which version of the shopping cart 2Checkout serves to shoppers. Possible values:

  • CLASSIC - the desktop variant of the shopping cart (using LAYOUT_TYPE=CLASSIC - 2Checkout serves the desktop version of the cart even to mobile device users.
  • MOBILE - 2Checkout mobile cart 
  • LAYOUT_TYPE=MOBILE - 2Checkout serves the mobile version of the shopping cart, even to users of desktop browsers.



Possible values:

  • 1 - use this parameter with value 1 to display the payment form in the selected landing page. Shoppers get to place orders from the Review page.
  • 2 - enable 2Checkout to display payment form in the selected landing page, and shoppers to place orders immediately after entering their payment data, excluding the Review page.



Allows you to set the corresponding template, overriding the default template assigned to the product group. Each template defined in the Interface Templates area of the Control Panel has a unique identifier associated which is visible in the browser address bar when previewing the shopping cart.

The 2Checkout system includes some parameters automatically in the renewal link from the initial trial order. such as: QTY, PRODS, PRICES, LANG, PAY_TYPE, CURRENCY, DOTEST.

You can't customize these parameters manually.

Domain use domain

If your account uses 2Checkout's domain, then your custom on-demand trial conversion links would look like this:

Custom domains such as

If your account uses a custom domain such as, then your custom on-demand renewal links would look like this: /renewal/?

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