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Custom Price Change

Custom Price Change

Last updated: 20-Apr-2022
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2Checkout automatically sends out the custom price change email to provide shoppers with information about a change in their subscription price. It notifies shoppers that the subscription price has been changed by the service provider.

The custom price change email template is available for customization in the Merchant Control Panel.


All 2Checkout accounts.

What is the purpose of this email?

2Checkout sends the custom price change email for all shoppers with active subscriptions.

Email content

The email provides detailed information on the content of the subscription and billing cycle:

  1. Subscription details.
  2. Billing cycle and new billing cycle information.
  3. Billing amount details.


Email Body

Dear [% $LAST_NAME %] [% $FIRST_NAME %],
Please be informed that the next billing amount for your subscription to [% $PRODUCT_NAME %] has been changed by a representative of [%$COMMERCIALNAME%]:

New billing amount: [% $NEW_PRICE.amount %] [% $NEW_PRICE.currency %]
[%if $NEXT_BILLING_DATE %]Next billing date: [% $NEXT_BILLING_DATE %]
Previous billing amount: [% $OLD_PRICE.amount %] [% $OLD_PRICE.currency %]
Price validity: [%if $NEXT_CIRCLES == false%]all future subscription renewals.
[%else%]the next [% $NEXT_CIRCLES %] subscription renewal(s) from now on, after which the previous billing amount will be charged.

To manage your subscription, please access your [% $PAYMENT_PARTNER %] myAccount at:

For further information regarding this price update, please contact [% $SELLER_COMPANY %][%if $SUPPORT_EMAIL%] at: [% $SUPPORT_EMAIL %][%/if%]

Sample Image

subscription price change.JPG

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