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Assign values for the product additional custom fields

Assign values for the product additional custom fields

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Use this method to assign values to the additional fields for products.

Use case

  1. Add an HTML link or button on your page like the one below.
  2. Create a JavaScript click handler to execute the Inline Client desired methods.
  3. Set your currency using the theTwoCoInlineCart.cart.setCurrency('USD') method.
  4. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.products.add({code, quantity, additionalFields}) method to prepare your products.
  5. The additionalFields property should contain a list of objects with the code of the field and its value.
  6. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.cart.checkout() method to show the cart on your page.

Sample request


<a href="#" class="btn btn-success" id="buy-button">Buy now!</a>


window.document.getElementById('buy-button').addEventListener('click', function() {

    code: '2CO3MONTHS',
    quantity: 1,
    additionalFields: [
      // textbox type example
        code     : 'NewsletterPolicy12345768',
        value    : 'Some text value'
      // listbox type example
        code     : 'cart2cotestlist',
        value    : 'YES'
      // hidden type example
        code     : 'HiddenID123',
        value    : 'Some text for the hidden field'
      // checkbox type example
        code     : 'cart2cotest',
        value    : true


After defining the additional fields for your products using the above method, your cart should look like this:


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