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Renewal notifications

Last updated: 24-Mar-2020
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One key metric when managing subscriptions is a high renewal rate in order to grow and maintain a valuable, loyal customer base and secure increased recurring revenues.

To this purpose, you can set renewal notifications that 2Checkout sends to your shoppers. You control the number of emails, as well as the moment in time your shoppers receive these emails.

As of September 30, 2016, you can use redesigned templates complete with fresh content (samples below). The new templates have replaced the previous notifications sent out for subscriptions set to be (either automatically or manually) renewed, but any customization you have in place, either in terms of styling or content, continues to be available.


All 2Checkout accounts.

What is the purpose of this email?

According to product settings you perform, 2Checkout can automatically send renewal notifications for:

Subscriptions where renewal is set to be automatically performed - your shoppers can receive email notifications both before, as well as after the subscription expiration day. Content varies depending on the moment they receive these notifications. Messages can be:

  • Notification of upcoming automatic subscription renewals
  • Or dunning management notifications containing instructions to update payment information/perform manual renewal as automatic renewal failed.

Subscriptions where renewal is manually performed - your shoppers can receive email notifications both before, as well as, after the subscription expiration day. Content varies here, as well, depending on the moment they receive these notifications. Emails

  • Inform shoppers about the upcoming renewal time and instruct them to perform the payment
  • Or contain a subscription expiration notificationurging shoppers to manually renew to avoid losing access to their product.


Email notification sent for automatic renewals

Email notification sent for manual renewals

Preview and test email

Navigate to the Email template manager section to:

  • Preview and test current templates for emails sent to your shoppers.
  • Customize the header and the footer sections by creating custom templates you can assign to one or several of your emails.

Access the renewal notifications under the Renewal section. You are here able to access both the Auto-renewal and Manual renewal emails.

Why don't I see the new template for this email?

The redesigned templates for the renewal notifications have automatically replaced the default templates.

If your preview in the Control Panel does not show the new templates, you're most probably using customized versions that include content and/or styling your company requested at a certain point in time.

You are more than welcome to compare the above samples to your current templates and send us an email if you decide the new ones suit your business needs better. We will happily work with you on the switch.

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