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Place free partner orders

Place free partner orders

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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In addition to enabling your partners to place free orders (with 0 value), 2Checkout also allows you to place free partner orders for:

  • New acquisitions
  • Renewals
  • Upgrades

Free partner orders can be placed even for those partners that you did not configure a credit limit, or that exceeded their credit limit.

You control the price of products, and ultimately, the costs your partners incur. Products with 0 (zero) value can result from:

  • Configuring a 100% general margin for new acquisitions, renewals and upgrades;
  • Configuring a 100% margin per product/category;
  • Editing placed orders and setting:
    • A 100% discount or entering a value equal to that of the product;
    • A 100% margin, (either 100% extra margin or a 100% default partner margin), or the sum of the two reaching 100% or enter a value equal to that of the product;
    • Forcing the Total Price of the product to be 0;
  • Configuring product pricing for new acquisitions, renewals and upgrades and setting the price to 0.

Free orders placed on behalf of your partners are confirmed automatically regardless of the per-partner order confirmation settings.

Partner invoices are also generated automatically for approved (confirmed) zero value orders you placed for your partners, regardless of the per-partner partner generation settings. When editing non-free partner orders placed, reducing their price to 0 and saving the changes will cause the partner invoices to be generated automatically (such orders need to be confirmed manually if auto-approval is not enabled).

While multiple non-free partner orders can be added to the same partner invoice, the 2Checkout system will automatically issue a standalone partner invoice for each individual free partner order.

Since no payment is required, free orders that have been confirmed will automatically move to the Complete status, giving green light to the delivery process.

If additional details are required, such as end-user information or reseller data, you or your partner will need to first attach the info, and only then will the order be considered Complete and the delivery process start.

Disable subscription for free orders

Placed partner orders with zero value cannot be canceled or refunded.

As a workaround, consider disabling the subscriptions for the orders.

  1. Go to Subscriptions Management.
  2. Run a search to identify the subscription you want to edit.
  3. Click View.
  4. Click Cancel immediately.
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