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How to generate a JSON Web Token (JWT)

How to generate a JSON Web Token (JWT)

Last updated: 04-May-2022
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In order to pass the identity of the merchant to the 2Checkout Signature Generation API endpoint, you need to generate a valid JSON Web Token (JWT). This is an Internet standard for creating JSON-based access tokens that assert some number of claims.

The website allows you to decode, verify, and generate JSON Web Tokens.

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JWTs are credentials, which can grant access to resources. Be careful where you paste them! 

Generate a merchant JWT

To generate a merchant JWT, follow the steps below:

1. Before generating a JWT, you need to copy the Buy-link Secret Word from your Merchant Control Panel. Log in to your Control Panel and navigate to Integrations → Webhooks & APISecret word section.

2. Copy the string from the Buy-link Secret Word field to the clipboard.

3. Navigate to the website and start generating the JWT token.

  • In the Debugger section, you need to input data into the sections highlighted in this image.



  • The data in the HEADER section identifies which algorithm and token type are used to generate the signature. For your JWT token, use HMAC-SHA-512 (HS512) and token type JWT:
    • alg: HS512 (string, required) - encryption algorithm;

    • typ: JWT (string, required) - token type;

 "alg" : "HS512",
 "typ" : "JWT"
  • The PAYLOAD section contains a set of claims. The JWT specification defines seven Registered Claim Names which are the standard fields commonly included in tokens. For your JWT, use the following claims:
    • sub: MERCH_CODE (string, required) - subject, the merchant code whom the token refers;

    • iat: 1580915730 (string, required) - issued at, must be current timestamp since the UNIX epoch;

    • exp: 1580915730 (string, optional) - expiration time, must be in UNIX timestamp format from future.

If the expiration time (exp) is not provided, the JWT token expiration time will be calculated from iat + 30 minutes.

All the other fields/claims will be ignored.

  "sub": "MERCH_CODE",
  "iat": 1580912768,
  "exp": 1580916205
  • In the VERIFY SIGNATURE section, you calculate the signature. This is calculated by encoding the header and payload using Base64url encoding and concatenating the two values with a period separator. Then run the resulting string through the cryptographic algorithm specified in the header, which in this case is HMAC-SHA512.
  • For your JWT token, replace the <Buy link secret word> from the example below with your Buy-link Secret Word from step 1.
  base64UrlEncode(header) + "." +
  <Buy link secret word>
  •  You will get the JWT token:

4. Use this JWT token in the future to pass your identity as a merchant to the 2Checkout Signature Generation API endpoint. 

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