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IPN Gateway Responses

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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This is a list of IPN gateway response statuses for Unfinished orders and their descriptions.  

Order Search Report

The IPN Gateway Response statuses appear on the "Gateway Response" column in the "Order Search" report for unfinished payments. If enabled for your account, you can export the report from your Control Panel account (if the functionality is not enabled for your account, contact 2Checkout) following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Merchant Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Orders & Customers → Order search
  3. Select the necessary search fields and click on the Search button.

order search report.png

4. After clicking Search, a report will appear under the Search fields. To export this report, click the Export button, as shown in the image below.

order search report export.png

5. Select the 2Checkout Full Options Template from the drop-down menu, and then check the format in which you want to export the report. You can choose between 3 formats: CSV, XLS, XML.

order search report format and template.png

6. After performing the above selection, click on the Export button within the iframe.

7. A report will be generated and you can identify the Gateway response column that captures the reasons for which payments were rejected by the processing gateway.

gateway response column.png

IPN Gateway Response Statuses

Gateway Response Description
Access denied in payment gateway  
Order not pay  
Invalid response  
Call acquirer support call number  
Operation not completed  
Please retry transaction  
Invalid response from gateway  
Already authorized  
Message flow error  
Card type not active or incorrect PIN  
Invalid merchant  
Restricted card  
Authorization declined  
Error - retry  
Password incorrect or card disabled  
Invalid amount  
Amount exceeds card ceiling  
Invalid amount  
No such card  
No such card/issuer  
Re-enter transaction  
Invalid response  
Format error  
Issuer signed off  
Expiry date error  
Card restricted  
Lost card  
Stolen card, pick up  
Insufficient funds  
No chequing account  
No savings account  
Expired card  
Incorrect PIN // Incorrect PIN  
Transaction not permitted on card  
Not permitted to merchant  
Exceeds amount limit  
Restricted card  
Security violation  
Exceeds frequency limit  
PIN tries exceeded // PIN tries exceeded  
Wrong Reference No.  
Network error  
Foreign network error  
Time-out at issuer  
Account verification required  
Authentication failure  
A technical problem occurred, please contact helpdesk  
Router unavailable // Router unavailable  
Violation of law  
Duplicate transmission  
System malfunction  
Authentication failed  
Error in CVC2 or CVC2 Description fields  
Terminal is locked, please try again // Terminal locked  
Our payment system is currently under maintenance, please try later  
Error in amount field  
Error in card expiration date field  
Invalid card number  
Server is not responding //Server is not responding  
No or Invalid response received  
An error occurred during processing. Please retry the operation  
Paypal accept  
Direct Ebanking accept  
Gateway accept  
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