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Croatia’s Currency Transition to Euro

Croatia’s Currency Transition to Euro

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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As of January 1st, 2023, Croatia will begin the process of switching from its present currency, the Kuna (HRK) to the Euro (EUR) as the national currency. Prices for products will be displayed in both Kuna and Euro until December 31st, 2023.

Both Euro and Kuna banknotes will be used for a period of two weeks after the Euro has been formally introduced as the national currency.  

To enable shoppers to transition to the Euro and to comply with Croatian regulations, the following will be implemented across various areas: 

  • Dual prices will be displayed in both Euro and Kuna (shopper invoices, shopping carts, etc.) 

  • The exchange rate at which the conversion is made will be displayed in various areas (invoices, transactions, carts, etc.)


  • Merchants stay compliant with Croatian regulations​ and suffer not penalty risks
  • Shoppers benefit from transparent transactions and an easy understandable Euro transition

Refund requests, chargebacks, and card schemes

Refund requests and chargebacks in HRK can be processed until December 31st, 2022. Any authorization submitted after that date in Kuna will be rejected.  

Subsequent transactions, including chargebacks and refunds, can be submitted up until the cut-off date for each card scheme:  

Visa Effective Date:

  •  Effective 23:00 GMT 31 December 2022 CPD 1 January 2023, acquirers with merchants in Croatia must modify their systems to process transactions using the ISO currency code for the euro (EUR/978).
  •  Effective 23:00 GMT 31 December 2022, authorization requests with the current alphanumeric currency code of the Croatian Kuna (HRK/191) will no longer be accepted for original transactions.

MasterCard Effective Date:

  • Beginning 1 January 2023, you must submit any authorization request in euro EUR/978 currency for any transactions completed in Croatia. Effective 15 January 2023, Mastercard will start declining all authorization requests that contain currency HRK/191.
  • Mastercard will accept First Presentment message transactions that are submitted in the Croatian Kuna before 00:00 local Croatian time on 1 January 2023 for a period of 120 days (1 May 2023). After 00:00 local Croatian time on 1 January 2023, merchants should not conduct any new transactions in the Croatian Kuna.

Other schemes: Check with your card provider on the planned cut-off dates.

   PSPs that process Croatia Kuna currency must change their Croatian Kuna currency to Croatia EURO in their 80byte/submission file.

Shopper invoices  

To comply with Croatian legislation, all shopper invoices will display dual prices (EUR/HRK). This will be applied to all prices displayed on the invoice, including the discount area.  

Dual Pricing HKR EUR

The exchange rate of 1 EUR = 7.5345 HRK will be displayed at the end of each shopper's invoice. 

The dual price display will be applied if: 

  • The billing country is Croatia

  • The billing currency is Euro

  • The order is from Croatia

The dual display feature will be active until December 31st, 2023. 

Ordering engines 

To enable the customer to transition to the Euro throughout 2023, the Convert Plus, Inline Checkout, and Legacy carts will display dual prices (EUR/HRK) whenever the shopper’s billing country is set to Croatia. Also, an informative text stating that “The fixed official exchange rate is set at 7.53450 HRK per 1 EUR" will appear across all shopping cart pages.

Convert Plus Cart

When landing on Convert Plus with Croatia as the billing country and EUR as the billing currency, a dual display of all prices into both EUR/HRK will be displayed to shoppers throughout the entire checkout flow, as well as the following text translated in all cart languages: "The fixed official exchange rate is set at 7.53450 HRK per 1 EUR." 

Convert Plus Euro Transition

One Step In-Line Cart

When landing on One-Step Inline with Croatia as the billing country and EUR as the billing currency, a dual display of all prices into both EUR/HRK will be displayed to shoppers, as well as the following text translated in all cart languages: "The fixed official exchange rate is set at 7.53450 HRK per 1 EUR." 

One Step In-Line Euro Transition

Legacy Cart

When landing on the Legacy cart, shoppers will no longer have the possibility to choose HRK from the Billing currency drop-down list. They will also be prompted with a dual display of all prices into both EUR/HRK.​

Legacy Cart


Auto-renewal subscriptions

Subscriptions pending for automatically renewal with HRK​ will automatically be renewed with EUR with no conversion rate applied. The renewal price used is the price in EUR set at product level​.

   There is an exception for custom prices, where the fixed exchange rate established by the authorities will be applied: 1EUR=7.53450 HRK​.

Manual renewal subscriptions

Shoppers accessing the manual renewal link will land on a checkout page with billing currency EUR and dual display currency EUR/HRK (if the billing country is Croatia). There will be no option to select HRK as the billing currency. The billing price will be the price in EUR, set at product level​. If there is no set price in EUR, the fixed conversation rate will be applied to the price in HRK to calculate the billing price in EUR.

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