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Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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The fulfillment process depends on the type of options you selected when configuring fulfillment for your products in your Merchant Control Panel.


Available for all 2Checkout accounts.


Static lists

2Checkout handles fulfillment on your behalf using Static lists. 2Checkout does not provide links to actual product download files or valid activation keys for test orders, even if you configured/uploaded them into the platform. Instead, testers receive this default activation key: ___TEST___CODE___.In addition, testers receive a dummy file for download,, and not the actual product file.

Dynamic lists

You deal with fulfillment using Dynamic lists and need to confirm the completion of the process through IDN or in the Fulfillment Confirmations area. In scenarios in which you generate activation codes/binary keys using a key generator that you host in your system, 2Checkout strongly recommends that you adapt it to deliver test keys/codes. 2Checkout does not provide links to actual product download files for test orders, even if you configured/uploaded them into the platform. Testers receive a dummy file for download, dubbed, and not the actual product file.

2Checkout sends a collection of parameters to your server within HTTP POST to the URL that generates the code/key. The TESTORDER parameter will help you differentiate between test and 'real' orders. Use this parameter to restrict code/key delivery only for 'real' orders. Note: Unless you prepare your system accordingly, you will deliver valid codes/keys for test orders.


Specifies if the order is for testing purposes.

Possible values:            

  • YES - for test orders.   
  • NO - for actual purchases.

Read the guidance provided in the 2Checkout delivery (fulfillment) article to understand what kind of information is supplied by 2Checkout to your system using HTTP POST.

Fulfillment confirmation is automatic and does not require confirmation. Note: 2Checkout does not deliver files or keys in this scenario.

IDN (Instant Delivery Notification)

If your setup requires fulfillment confirmation through IDN, then you also need to confirm fulfillment for test orders in order for their status to advance to Finished.

IRN (Instant Refund Notification)

You can use IRN to issue refunds for the test orders you placed.

ISE (Instant Search Order Export)

You can control the inclusion or exclusion of test order data in ISE file output by using the EXPORT_TEST_ORDERS parameter:


Possible values:

  • YES - Include test orders along with real orders.
  • NO (default) - Do not include test order data and export only details for actual purchases.
  • ONLY - Export only test order data.

Email notifications

  1. The 2Checkout system will send out payment receipts and fulfillment/delivery notifications for test orders, per your account's configuration.
  2. Provided that you set up manual and automatic renewal notifications, the 2Checkout system will deliver the renewal emails for test subscriptions according to your account's configuration.
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