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Mobile bank transfers in the Czech Republic

Mobile bank transfers in the Czech Republic

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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As a faster and easier alternative to classic bank transfers, shoppers based in the Czech Republic can choose to pay for their purchases through their bank's mobile application by scanning a QR code.

Traditional bank transfers are also available, should shoppers prefer not to use mobile banking applications.

QR code payments are available to all Czech shoppers and support CZK (Czech Koruna) transactions through multiple banks, such as:

  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • mBank
  • Air Bank
  • ČSOB (Československá obchodní banka)
  • Commerzbank


Contact 2Checkout for availability details.

QR code display

2Checkout displays QR codes only on default purchase flow resources that you have not customized:

  • Default shopping cart
  • Default payment confirmation emails
  • Default pro forma invoices

If you have customized any of the above resources and you want to include QR codes in your purchase flows, please contact 2Checkout.


By adding QR code payments, we offer a great alternative to classic bank transfers, avoiding the transaction commission shoppers would traditionally need to pay to the bank while minimizing the time to finalize the payment.

Additionally, this brings an increase in your conversion rates of at least 2%.


2Checkout displays the QR code during multiple stages of the checkout process, in areas that contain the bank details:

  • Thank You page
  • Pro forma invoice
  • Payment confirmation email

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