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Direct Debit UK

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Direct Debit is a payment method in which the bank processes payments by accessing funds from an account when the holder instructs it to do so. It authorizes the organization you want to pay to collect the money from your account, but only after you've been notified of the amounts and dates of collection.

Once you have agreed on the payment details, the money is deducted automatically. If the organization you are paying wants to change an amount or date of collection, they have to notify you before the changes take place.


Direct Debit UK supports only GBP.

Mandates and E-mandates

Shoppers authorize 2Checkout to collect payments and instruct their banks to pay those collections with mandates.

  • 2Checkout uses e-mandates and does not require shoppers to fill in and submit paperwork.
  • Mandates expire within 36 months after the last initiated collection.
  • 2Checkout stores mandates at least for 14 months after the last collection of funds.


To set up payments by Direct Debit UK, the shopper must complete a Direct Debit instruction to you. The instruction makes it clear that shopper allows you to debit their account. The interface for completing the Direct Debit instruction is controlled by 2Checkout. After the shopper fills in the form, 2Checkout sends the data to the payment processor and to the shopper's bank, via BACS.

Direct Debit UK orders take 21 calendar days to be confirmed. During this interval, shoppers can cancel their order regardless of the reason and receive a refund.

The Direct Debit UK rules allow the instructions to be completed by using an online application form.

Purchase flow

  1. Shoppers fill in the billing information, select United Kingdom as the billing country and choose Direct Debit UK as the payment option. Before they can continue, there are two mandatory questions that they need to answer to confirm the ownership of the bank account.
  2. Shoppers fill in the Direct Debit UK payment details.
  3. They confirm the payment details. Important: If the details are incorrect, they can edit them.
  4. The order is finalized. Important: Shoppers can print the order details if needed.
  5. 2Checkout sends the Advance Notice Letter to the shoppers informing them about the payment details.
  6. The payment is processed and the money is deducted from the shoppers' account.


2Checkout sends the Advance Notice Letter email to shoppers upon placing the order.

Order statuses

Once the shoppers place an order, 2Checkout shows it as In progress / Processing. Following the fulfillment, the order status changes to COMPLETE. If the shopper's bank rejects the payment, the order shows up as Canceled.


2Checkout only offers support for full refunds for orders paid for via Direct Debit UK. Partial refunds are not supported.

Shoppers can ask for a "no-questions-asked" refund right during the eight weeks (56 days) following the debiting of a shopper's account. This period is extended to 13 months for unauthorized Direct Debit collections.

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