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Add new partnership programs

Add new partnership programs

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Design multiple partnership programs and let your partners decide which is the right one for them.

After defining the partnership programs you can assign partners to it and apply settings to multiple partners at once.

Add partnership programs 

Follow the steps below to add a new partnership program.

  1. Login to the 2Checkout Merchant Control Panel.
  2. Go to Partner management -> Partnership programs.
  3. Click Add partnership program.
  4. Fill in the partnership program general information:
    • Program Title - mandatory;
    • Description - non-mandatory but offers useful information to partners.
  5. Click Commercial Settings.
  6. Choose how you want your partner to pay for orders, how the delivery should take place and how renewals are handled. These are not mandatory settings, so configure them at your will.
    • Offer a credit limit. This represents the amount a partner is allowed to owe you for placed and delivered orders. Credit limits set to 10.000 USD allow partners to place and receive orders in that amount, sending the payment at a later date. After this limit is reached, future orders will not be delivered until the credit limit has been restored. When choosing this option, you need to decide on:
      • Credit limit - maximum amount of credit your partners can use to place orders before sending the payment.
      • Warning level - when available credit decreases to the specified warning level, your partners are notified by email.
    • License settings. Define requirements regarding subscription delivery and management:
      • Requires end user information  - delivery of activation keys takes place after the end user information gets attached to the order. If your key generator requires end user information, this information is mandatory before delivering the keys even if the box remains unchecked.
      • Requires reseller information -  delivery of the activation keys takes place after the reseller information gets attached to the order. If your key generator requires reseller information, this information is mandatory before delivering the keys even if the box remains unchecked.
      • Email license keys to - define who receives the activation information. Select at least one of the two options available to ensure the success of the fulfillment/delivery process.
        • End users
        • Partner
    • Other settings
      • Partner offers tech support to end user - partner contact information is listed as technical/installation support in the electronic delivery email sent to the end users.
      • Orders are confirmed automatically change default order approval settings: by default, each partner order has to be manually reviewed and approved.
      • Order cancellation period - time period after order placement during which the order can be cancelled;
      • Enable Direct Renewal - enable end users who purchased products from your partners to renew subscriptions via your website or via 2Checkout while crediting the partners with the commissions you set. 2Checkout automatically notifies partners via email when you enable Direct Renewal.
      • Email subscription expiration notifications to:
        • End users (if end user information is available)
        • Partner
    • Partner margin
      • None - the offered partner margin is set to 0. In return, you may want to offer special prices to a partner directly from the pricing configuration/price list, or you may want to add partner margin when placing an order.
      • General margin - set a general margin for new acquisitions or renewals.
      • Margin per product/category - set specific margins for products or categories.
  7. Click Assign Partners.
  8. Click the unassigned partners that you want to be part of your partnership program.
  9. Click Review and Apply.
  10. Review the partnership program information.
  11. Click Save and Apply to Partners.
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