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Place trial orders on behalf of customers

Place trial orders on behalf of customers

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Use the Control Panel to order trials for your customers in addition to placing new orders and purchasing upgrades on their behalf.

When ordering trials on behalf of customers you can have their payment details attached to the order. 2Checkout can use the payment information available to charge your customers automatically when the trial converts to the full product, unless shoppers cancel the process through the opt-out mechanism at their disposal.

At the same time, trial orders placed on behalf of customers can be charged to cards on file, enabling 2Checkout to charge the credit / debit cards used for previous purchase.


PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance is strongly recommended for this feature. Please contact 2Checkout directly to enable the feature.

To provide users of your account with access to this functionality, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Account settings -> Manage user access.
  2. Click Edit on a role.
  3. Enable the Place orders on behalf of customer option.

Payment methods available

  • Credit / debit cards
  • PayPal

Place a trial order on behalf of your customers

  1. Go to Orders & customers -> Customers.
  2. Search for the customer for whom you want to order the trial.
  3. Click View button to access the Customer Details Page.
  4. Scroll down below the Customer insight and Customer billing details area and click on the Place new order button.
  5. Select an existing credit / debit card from those on file, or opt to introduce new payment information.
  6. Choose the order type. For the purposes of this example, select Trial.
  7. Select the product whose trial you're ordering on behalf of the customer, choose the billing currency, and enter a coupon code if needed.
  8. Define the Trial period. Enter at least 1 for a one-day trial.
  9. Set a price for the trial or leave blank if the trial is free. You'll still be able to have cardholder data attached to the trial order and 2Checkout will charge customers automatically when trials are converted to full, paid products based on the payment information on file.
  10. Customize the details of the trial further in the shopping cart.


Can the quantity of the trial order be modified?

The Quantity option is not editable or displayed.

Can additional products or trials be added to a single order?

Currently this flow supports the purchasing of only one product or trial at a time.

The product I'm trying to order a trial for is not featured in the list of available offerings. Why is that?

This flow does not support bundles of products or products with physical delivery.

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