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Set up subscription plans for physical products

Set up subscription plans for physical products

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Set up products and subscription plans for the tangible goods you sell and deliver to your customers.

Use the Control Panel to define product weight and handling fees associated with your tangible products.


Selling physical goods is available upon request. Contact 2Checkout for additional details. 


Make sure to have the mandatory physical product info on hand. 

Set up a physical subscription plan

  1. Navigate to Products and click on Add Product to go through the initial stages of product setup. 
  2. Set the product delivery type to Physical to create a product with tangible properties.
    • You'll be able to configure billing cycles and recurring costs immediately. After product creation, you can handle the advanced options for subscription pricing and renewal. 
  3. Define the product weight. Our system allows multiple weight measurement units (ex: pounds, ounces or kilograms).
    • While you can use your preferred weight unit, we strongly recommend using the same measurement unit globally on your account (for shipping methods and in the setup of physical products).
  4. Add the product handling fee. Handling fees apply on top of the shipping fees, for each product ordered (ex: if the same product is ordered 3 times, the handling fee is added 3 times).
    • The fee can be defined with whole numbers or by using two place decimals (4.95).
  5. Save your changes to add the product in your catalog.

After successfully creating a tangible product, you are no longer able to change its delivery type to electronic.

Bundle products

Physical bundle products can contain only tangible products. Having both physical and electronic products inside the same bundle package is not possible.

The weight and handling fee attributes of a bundle products are based on the summed values from the tangible products inside the bundle.


Once a tangible product has been created, you can control its weight and handling fee attributes from the Physical Setup tab.


For tangible products, the only fulfillment type available is "Fulfillment made by you". You need to confirm the order fulfillment in 2Checkout through IDN or manually to complete your incoming orders.

Promotions for subscriptions

Discount the costs of subscriptions both on the initial purchase and for every subsequent charge be it recurring or not. 

Read this article to learn how renewal discounts work.

Billing cycles 

Control individual billing cycle settings right from the Renewal area of the Control Panel when editing a product. You can choose to apply the handling and shipping fees only to the first order of the subscription(default behavior), all for each of the orders part of the subscription.

More over, you can choose to confirm the delivery for each order part of the subscription(default behavior), or only for the first order of the subscription.

Read this article and learn more about your control over billing cycles.

Renewal notification emails

The 2Checkout system notifies your shoppers when their subscription is close to expiration via email. You can opt to:

  • Send emails according to the global renewal notification settings
  • Create individual renewal notification settings for this product

Both options enable you to control the number of notification messages sent to customers, as well as when they should receive them.

Read this article to learn more about the renewal notifications sent by 2Checkout.


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