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Fulfillment confirmation

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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If you enable the Requires delivery confirmation option for 2Checkout delivery, the order processing is put on hold until you manually confirm the delivery of the order. 

For orders you fulfill using your own platform or resources (Fulfillment made by you), you need to confirm the delivery of all the products in the orders, to finalize the payment process. Only after you provide fulfillment confirmation will 2Checkout mark orders as completed and update their status to Finished. Fulfillment confirmations can be accomplished either manually or automatically, depending on the fulfillment type and automation level that you implement.

Confirm fulfillment

Confirm fulfillment for each order having the "In progress" status:

  • Select the order(s) in the Fulfillment Confirmations section by ticking the corresponding boxes.
  • Click Confirm fulfillment.
  • You can also send an automatic delivery confirmation, IDN, to 2Checkout in the form of an HTTP POST.

Please note that only after receiving the fulfillment confirmation for the order, 2Checkout can execute the money transfer from the customer's account.


  1. Are there any restrictions on the characters that can be used in the Static Lists?
    • Only printable characters can be used in the static list.
  2. What is the format for a static list file?
    • Each line in the static list will be considered as one code to be delivered. The newline character can have any style: Windows, Mac or Linux.
  3. Can a subscription key/code be presented to the user as two lines by embedding a new line character in the key text? 
    • No, embedding a new line character in the key text will make it part of the code to be sent to the customer, thus breaking the desired output. To deliver codes on multiple lines, dynamic lists should be used instead, where more than one line of codes can be sent using the XML schema.
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