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Dynamic pricing

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Dynamic pricing (with base price) is a basic charge configuration. 2Checkout supports both one-time and recurring dynamic pricing, and offers the possibility to control various cost components through product options pricing. 


  • A $99.99 recurring, annual anti-malware subscription.
  • A recurring, monthly $20 subscription to a service providing credit score information.
  • A flat, one-time fee of $1,000 for the license to a CRM software. 

If the pricing configuration has a base price but the customer should be able to alter it by choosing from product options (like subscription types, number of users, platforms), then enter a base price and choose between Net and Gross price type. Extra pricing options can be dynamically added after the product is added, based on formulas from the 2Checkout system.


All 2Checkout accounts. 


Create at least a product/subscription plan before defining pricing. 


  • Net: without taxes - 2Checkout applies extra taxes to the default price, such as Tax/VAT for US/EU orders during  the ordering process. 
  • Gross: with taxes included - 2Checkout takes the taxes out of the costs paid by shoppers, without modifying the price during the ordering process. 


When defining product prices you can:

  1. Configure the price only for the default currency - 2Checkout converts amounts in the cart based on the currency selected by/for shoppers. Currency rates are available here:

    This is an XML schema with the corresponding values for the other currencies compared to the one supplied in the CURRENCY query parameter.

  2. Specify prices in all currencies available for your account - 2Checkout serves shoppers the prices for all the currencies you set up without converting the amounts. 

Basic setup

You can set up basic pricing when first defining your product and then edit the charge configuration as well as utilize advanced charge capabilities. 


  1. Choose the default currency, select the base price option and enter the product price.
  2. After filling in the base price for your product, you can:
    • Let the 2Checkout platform auto convert it to other currencies during the ordering process;
    • Manually set the price for each currency.
  3. If you choose to manually enter the price for some currencies only, then 2Checkout automatically converts the ones you left blank from the default currency during the ordering processing.
  4. Extra taxes may be applied to the base price during the ordering process, such as VAT for EU orders, or sales tax for the US. You can choose not to have country specific taxes added to the price in the shopping cart by selecting with taxes included (Gross). This means that the country specific tax fees will be pulled from the product price during ordering process. With the Net option, the 2Checkout system will charge shoppers VAT and sales taxes, when these apply, in addition to the price of the product, and deal with tax management on your behalf. 

Advanced setup

Access advanced pricing/charge options by editing product and navigating to the Pricing tab. This area enables you to edit and create pricing configurations and create charge models that include:

  • Volume pricing
  • Custom recurring charges
  • Advanced pricing options
  • Pay-per-use (Metered billing)
  • Tiered charges
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