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Recurring billing charges

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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2Checkout calculates recurring charges for your subscription plans based on your pricing setups. You have the option to change recurring charges and modify the costs incurred by subscribers when renewing their subscriptions. 


All 2Checkout accounts. 


Create at least a product/subscription plan before defining pricing. 


  • Net: without taxes - 2Checkout applies extra taxes to the default price, such as Tax/VAT for US/EU orders during the ordering process. 
  • Gross: with taxes included - 2Checkout takes the taxes out of the costs paid by shoppers, without modifying the price during the ordering process. 


When defining product prices you can:

  1. Configure the price only for the default currency - 2Checkout converts amounts in the cart based on the currency selected by/for shoppers. Currency rates are available here:

    This is an XML schema with the corresponding values for the other currencies compared to the one supplied in the CURRENCY query parameter.

  2. Specify prices in all currencies available for your account - 2Checkout serves shoppers the prices for all the currencies you set up without converting the amounts.


Navigate to the Pricing tab of a product/subscription plan and edit the desired pricing configuration. 

  • For products with dynamic pricing (with base price), look for the Renewal Price area.
  • For products with static pricing (without base price), look for the Renewal tab in the Prices area.


There are three options to control recurring charges: 

Set renewal prices to equal the initial purchase prices (eStore only)

Use this setting when you want subscribers to continue paying the same amount for recurring charges that they paid initially when they first acquired your product. 

Create new renewal base prices

Set up prices in the default currency or for all the currencies available for your account. 2Checkout calculates recurring charges based on the renewal-based price modified by the costs defined for any extra options you configure with the exception of volume discounts.

Modify the renewal costs with discounts

Set up a renewal discount and assign it to impact manual or auto-recurring charges. 

Change recurring costs at the subscription level

Access this option by editing subscriptions. 

  1. Click the link on the price information for the Current billing amount in the Subscription info area. 
  2. Click edit.
  3. Enter a new billing amount. 
  4. Set it to impact:
  • All future billing cycles
  • Only a specific number of upcoming billing cycles

Custom recurring charges at the subscription level cause the 2Checkout system to completely ignore any sort of changes you make to product charges, including ro recurring/renewal costs. 

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