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Update cardholder data and retry card automatically

Update cardholder data and retry card automatically

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Add new cardholder information and retry the customer billing process using updated payment data.


You will be able to update credit / debit card details as well as have the 2Checkout system automatically re-attempt to charge customers only for subscriptions with the auto-recurring (auto renewal) billing settings enabled.


You can update credit cards and retry charges for subscriptions in the following states:

  • Past due subscriptions, namely subscriptions that were not renewed either automatically or manually, and that past their expiration mark without being actually canceled;
  • Active subscriptions for which an automatic renewal charge has been made by the 2Checkout system but that failed (the renewal order placed automatically features the Pending status).

How it works

  1. Go to Orders & customers -> Subscriptions and identify the subscription whose cardholder details you wish to update.
  2. Access the subscription's details page and click on the Update credit card and retry charge button.
  3. Enter the details of the new credit card in the pop-up menu displayed and click Update and retry charge when you're done.
  4. The 2Checkout system will update the card on file information for the subscription you're editing and will charge customers for the renewal. The amount charged is displayed in the pop-up menu right above the Update and retry charge button.

Pending renewal orders reuse

The 2Checkout system will attempt to salvage any pending renewal orders for a maximum of 15 days after the transaction failed initially, when you update credit card details and retry the charge.

Following the 15 days mark, if the subscription is still in the grace period, the 2Checkout system will create a new renewal order when you update credit card details and retry the charge.

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