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Multiple partial refunds

Multiple partial refunds

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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2Checkout supports multiple partial refunds for the same order. This feature enables you to partially reimburse order costs on multiple occasions to deal with more than one refund incident/dispute.


  • Pay back the money for a single product in a multi-offering order, and then refund the costs of another product, if the customer requests it;
  • Refund part of the value of an order such as in scenarios in which you charge customers for usage, and add a subsequent partial refund if needed;
  • Refund the total value of an order using several partial refunds until the entire costs are reimbursed.


Multiple refunds work only for orders paid with one of the following methods:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • AMEX
  • PayPal

Please contact 2Checkout directly if this feature is not available for your account.


  1. You can place a second partial refund only if there are no existing unprocessed refunds (pending). As long as all previous partial refunds for an order were processed, you can place a new request to reimburse a partial amount of the costs paid by the customer.
  2. The value of the partial refund you request needs to be equal or smaller than the amount of money paid by the customer, subtracting any costs already reimbursed. For example: for a $100 order for which you already reimbursed $40, the value of the second partial refund request cannot exceed $60.

Partial refunds

In addition to Total refunds (which return 100% of the transaction amount to the buyer) you can also issue Partial refunds, namely reimburse only part of the transaction amount paid for Completed/Finished orders, with the system automatically calculating the taxes for the repayment. This feature gives you full flexibility to control in detail the reimbursement parameters for an order. The new Partial refund functionality is an upgrade to the old Advanced refund option, which required you to specify all the details of a partial reimbursement in the comments section.

To initiate a Partial refund, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Orders & customers -> Order search.
  2. Select the eStore orders tab.
  3. Search for the order you want to reimburse (the status must be Completed/Finished).
  4. Click the item's reference number.
  5. Click Request refund.
  6. Choose to return only a part of the transaction costs by selecting the Partial refund option.

Use the feature to provide refunds for a limited quantity of products or only for specific items in an order in scenarios involving orders containing multiple units/products. The repayment amount per unit (including taxes) supports values from the bare minimum, which cannot be 0 or a negative number, to the maximum, which cannot be larger than the price paid for the product/number of products being refunded.

You can repay part of the money your customers spent on product subscriptions and taxes (calculated automatically by the system), Backup Media and DIS (Download Insurance Service) costs. Use the comments section to detail special refund requests.

Note: Make sure to configure all the details of the partial reimbursement, including the products and the number of units involved, but also the amount to be refunded, whether or not to re-use keycodes / cancel subscriptions (disable licenses), and enter the Cancellation reason or any other comments for the cancellation before clicking the Request refund button. Prior to the introduction of Partial refunds, your customer support representatives could only disable allsubscriptions/licenses for a refunded order, or none at all.

Please note that the amount you set for the refund will be the final sum sent back to the customer, including taxes.

Multiple partial refunds

To refund an order follow these steps:

  1. Go to Orders & customers -> Order Search
  2. Search for the order you want to refund. Note: The order needs to be Finished for a refund to be processed.
  3. Click the reference number to access the Order details page.
  4. Click Request refund.
  5. Select Partial refund and provide the parameters for the reimbursement including the costs which will be returned to the customer.
  6. Wait for the refund to be approved and the money to be reimbursed.
  7. After the refund request is processed, repeat steps 1 through 5 to request an additional reimbursement.

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for refunds

Instant Payment Notifications are generated and sent for the first partial refund as well as for subsequent refunds processed by the 2Checkout system.

Make sure to update your system to handle multiple IPN notifications in scenarios involving multiple refunds.

Notifications sent by 2Checkout will show REFUND as the order status and the amount of money reimbursed (as a negative number).

Multiple partial refunds through Instant Refund Notification IRN

You can place multiple partial refunds through Instant Refund Notification (IRN). It's mandatory that you specify the value that will be reimbursed using the AMOUNT for partial refunds. Note: In the case of IRN refunds, the value for AMOUNT must match that of the unit price multiplied with the quantity refunded.

For example, if a customer purchased 10 units of Subscription A which cost $99 each, and wants a refund for 2 subscriptions, you to match the value refunded ($198) with the unit price of Subscription A multiplied by the quantity for which you're reimbursing the customer.

Total refunds

Total refunds are available only for orders that haven't passed through the refund process previously.

Total refund limitations:

  • Only a single total refund can be approved per order. A second total refund means that 2Checkout would repay the customer twice the sum of money paid for the order, which is impossible.
  • If a partial refund was already approved, and the money returned to the customer, a subsequent total refund is no longer possible, considering that the value of the order and implicitly of the total refund would exceed the money paid by the customer initially, from which at least a partial refund was already subtracted.
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