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Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Skrill is a digital wallet that allows you to perform online payments in multiple currencies. With over 20 million wallet holders globally, Skrill offers customers a secure and easy-to-use payment environment. Shoppers can pay conveniently anytime and anywhere with their email address and password.


Skrill is available on all 2Checkout accounts. Go to Payment methods to enable it on your account.

Skrill is available worldwide, except for Japan.


  • Increased market share. Appeal to and engage 20 million Skrill wallet holders globally.
  • Easy to use. Customers can pay using only their email address, with a seamless payment experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.


2Checkout supports Skrill payments in the following currencies: 

  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP

Purchase flow

Skrill payments are supported across all 2Checkout purchase flows, including the One-page checkout without review flow.

  1. Shoppers select the Skrill payment method during checkout and continue to the next step.
  2. 2Checkout redirects them to Skrill.
  3. They log in to their Skrill account and confirm the payment.
  4. Once the payment is confirmed, 2Checkout redirects shoppers to the shopping cart Thank you page.

Recurring billing

Skrill supports recurring billing for subscription renewals.


IPN notifications for orders placed with Skrill Wallet have the value SKRILL_WALLET associated with the PAYMETHOD_CODE parameter.


Skrill supports automatic refunds.

Lead management

You can engage your customers through Lead Management campaigns, for turning unfinished payments into complete orders. More details here.

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