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Add a digital dynamic product with a dynamic coupon

Add a digital dynamic product with a dynamic coupon

Last updated: 08-Apr-2021
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Use the order promotions object to add a digital dynamic product with a dynamic coupon (for the PSP business model).

Use case

  1. Add an HTML link or button to your page like the one below.
  2. Create a JavaScript click handler to execute the InLine Client desired methods.
  3. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.setup.setMode('DYNAMIC') method to let the cart know you are using dynamic instead of catalog products.
  4. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.cart.setCurrency(currency-code) method to set the currency.
  5. Add your product to the cart by calling the TwoCoInlineCart.products.add({name, quantity, price, options}) method.
  6. You can see below a signature token request payload for this example. A success response contains a JSON with the property “signature“ which needs to be used at the next step to set the signature using the TwoCoInlineCart method.
    "merchant": "250535979326",
    "dynamic": "1",
    "currency": "USD",
    "products": [
            "name"    : "A test digital product",
            "quantity": 1,
            "price"   : 20,
            "type"    : 'digital'
            "name"    : "A test promotion",
            "quantity": 1,
            "price"   : 5,
            "type"    : 'coupon'

7. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.cart.setSignature('718e810fee34be2bf4b9d4582323aa37580c4011ef694116cca5b0bb7badd2f1') method to set the signature. It is important that you employ TwoCoInlineCart.cart.removeAll() just before TwoCoInlineCart.products.addMany(products) or TwoCoInlineCart.products.add(product) methods to remove previous products as the signature is based on the products' definition.

 8. Use the TwoCoInlineCart.cart.checkout() method to show the cart on your page.

Sample request


<a href="#" class="btn btn-success" id="buy-button">Buy now!</a>


window.document.getElementById('buy-button').addEventListener('click', function() {
      name: 'A test digital product',
      quantity: 1,
      price: 20,
      type: 'digital'
      name: 'A test promotion',
      quantity: 1,
      price: 5,
      type: 'coupon'


After adding a digital dynamic product with a dynamic coupon using the above method, your cart should look like this:


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