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ConvertPlus Default Layout Update

ConvertPlus Default Layout Update

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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We are continuously working on enhancing our products and services to help you convert every purchase into a satisfied customer and maximize your revenue no matter where you are selling. That is why we have made minor changes with a significant impact on your conversion rates to the Convert Plus shopping cart.

Based on the latest A/B test results aimed at boosting the in-cart conversion rates, we’ve updated the existing ConvertPlus default template and performed the following changes:

  • Adjusted fonts, colors, buttons, and form fields
  • Added coupons & display promotion in the shopping cart
  • Displayed the product short description in the shopping cart
  • Updated the billing flow & payment method selection


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Changes apply to the following cart templates:

  • ConvertPlus - default template
  • Custom ConvertPlus templates (based on the ConvertPlus default template), customized via the Merchant Control Panel cart editor or via 2Checkout Professional Services

Some of the UI changes also apply to the ConvertPlus templates ("One column with payment buttons", "2Checkout Marketplace Shopping Cart"), and InLine cart templates in order to offer you a consistent checkout flow.


All templates from all categories listed above are updated automatically with no input from your side. Also, all existing simple and advanced customizations are applied to the updated templates (if any).

ConvertPlus Layout Updates

Overall look & feel: adjustments of fonts, colors, buttons, form fields

By displaying your customers’ favorite payment methods, you reassure them that they can proceed with the purchase:

  • We’ve refreshed the overall look and feel of the shopping cart and made it highlight the most important fields in a clean and simple way, for improved customer experience.
  • We’ve updated the payment method field by adding badges of the most popular credit card networks, depending on the area in which your customer is located.


Product short description and promotion field

The products' short descriptions and the promotion field are clearly displayed in the updated template to improve the checkout flow experience of your shoppers. 

  • We’ve added product description in the summary section
  • We’ve optimized the display of the coupon code link and made it less intrusive 


Billing and payment information section

The billing section is one of the most important in the checkout flow. Your customers need to feel safe when adding their personal information.

  • We’ve updated the billing information section, made the security code pop-up tooltip more comprehensive, and added simplified, easy to understand graphics.


Payment Confirmation Page

Every transaction is seamless and secure, so your customers can have a smooth transition to the final step of the purchase funnel, the “Payment Confirmation Page”. 

  • We’ve updated the elements on the payment confirmation page, so customers can be reassured that their payment was processed securely and successfully.


Sell Smart with Convert Plus

With a seamless look and feel, Convert Plus is 2Checkout’s most optimized ordering engine. Built by using the most advanced technologies, our ordering engine is maximizing customer input during the payment process and increases your cart's conversion rates, no matter what market you are targeting.

Feel free to reach us at for any question related to the Convert Plus update.

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