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Manage user account login credentials for your partners

Manage user account login credentials for your partners

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Account creation notifications

The 2Checkout system automatically sends out notifications to the email addresses designed for login usage when new users are created for partner accounts. The notification messages provide information about the newly created partner account, the login link, and setup instructions. The messages contain guidance on how to set passwords.

Single email address login for multiple partner accounts

Your partners can use the same email address to connect multiple partner accounts together, simplifying the login process and access. Using the same email, partners can log into one of their accounts once, and seamlessly access all other linked accounts. Single email login is designed to work with multiple users for accounts associated with the same partner or with different partners connected together.

Connecting different partner accounts scenarios:

  1. Creating new accounts.When new accounts are created, your partners should make sure to provide you with the same email address used to log into their other partner accounts. This way they ensure that all new accounts generated will be automatically linked together in terms of the login process.
  2. Editing email address for existing multiple partner accounts. Edit the login information for all existing accounts to have them use the same email address. Make sure to use the same email address for all existing partner accounts to ensure consistency.

Editing login information of connected accounts


  1. Go to Partner management -> Partners.
  2. Choose the partner for which you’d like to edit details.
  3. Select the Users tab.
  4. Make sure that Vendor Commercial Managers is the option used for Users management is done by.

When editing login information of connected accounts, changing the email address, first and last name of one account will cause them to be updated across all linked accounts. Modifications of the details of one user will automatically impact all connected accounts.

This means that once you connected two or more partner accounts using the same email address/credentials, you won’t be able to unlink them. 

As a workaround, you can delete a partner user altogether, and then recreate keeping all the data, but entering a different email address than the one used to link any additional accounts.

Changing the email address used to log into a specific account will cause the 2Checkout system to generate and send the following notification:

  • Notification email. A message sent to the old email address associated with the account, serving a double purpose. It’s designed to notify the user of the change, while also offering the possibility of reverting the credentials modification. The link included in this email, valid for 30 days, revert the changes made to the login credentials, utilizing the old email address that was used before the latest switch.

While you can change the email address partners use to log into their accounts, you can only initiate a password reset for contacts.

Resetting passwords for users of partner accounts

When you click Reset password the system sends a message to the email address the user uses to log in. This message contains a link which redirects to an online form enabling the password to be changed. This link is only valid for 24 hours.

Master account users

Master account users have viewing access to all the orders placed on the partner account. The contact user information used when creating a partner account are used for creating the master user account.

To define a new master account user, delete the existing one and add a new user without assigning any role.

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