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Automatic subscription cancelation

Automatic subscription cancelation

Last updated: 24-Jul-2019
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Choose to automatically cancel subscriptions whenever 2Checkout registers an open chargeback request or a total refund request.

  1. Go to Setup -> Ordering options.
  2. Scroll down to the following settings:
    • Cancel subscriptions for open chargebacks
      • 2Checkout automatically sends shoppers a subscription cancelation email upon opening a chargeback.
    • Cancel subscriptions for processed total refunds
      • This also impacts refunds made via IRN. Subscription will be canceled once the refund is processed by 2Checkout.
  3. Toggle them on or off according to your preferences.

Important: These settings reflect in the default state of the Cancel subscription option when you request refunds from the 2Checkout Control Panel.

The subscription gets reactivated when the chargeback is won.

If the subscription is in past due, it'll be reactivated and automatic renewal will be attempted.

If the expiry date of the subscription has passed and there is no grace period defined for this, the subscription will not be reactivated.

The time for which a subscription was disabled will not be added to the subscription lifetime to extend its expiry date.

2Checkout does not send a notification 7 days prior to the subscription renewal (since the subscription is disabled due to the chargeback).

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