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How to add affiliate marketing resources

How to add affiliate marketing resources

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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The text and image affiliate marketing resources are available for all 2Checkout accounts with the Affiliate Network enabled.

Activate affiliate landing pages

If you want to activate landing pages for your affiliates, please contact 2Checkout for details.

Tip: Before you start adding Affiliate Marketing Resources, make sure you have them uploaded on a server. You can use your own hosting domain, or upload them in your 2Checkout Account by going to Setup -> Media Center.

Allowed file types: .gif .jpg .png .css .js .ico .zip .ttf. Upload file size limit: 750 MB. For larger files please contact us. Disk space 2048 MB. 

For maximum browser compatibility, JPEG files must have the RGB color space. JPEG files uploads of CMYK type are not allowed.

How to add affiliate marketing resources

Assist your affiliates' efforts in selling your products with additional marketing materials:

  • Custom text (descriptions, features, etc.) - Use custom texts to offer your affiliates extra details about your products that they can use to better promote them. Offers details such as the target audience of the product, its specifications, benefits and advantages.
  • Links to product image files - Use product images to offer your affiliates extra details about your products that they can use to better promote them.
  • Custom landing pages - Use custom made landing pages to give your affiliates the option to redirect shoppers to landing pages designed to optimize your conversion rate and increase sales.

To control affiliate access to a resource, assign it to products that belong to one of your affiliate commissions lists. Unassigned resources are available to all your affiliates. Promotions are not mandatory for a resource to be available in the Affiliate Network.

What are affiliate landing pages?

Custom landing pages allow you to redirect your affiliates' traffic to separate pages designed to increase the conversion rate. By using custom landing pages for each product, you gain more control over your shoppers' purchase experience.

Additionally, landing pages give your affiliates an easy way to send targeted traffic to your products, increasing the conversion rate per product by narrowing down the traffic to visitors who are truly interested in buying what you offer.

2Checkout recommends creating multiple landing pages for your products, thus increasing the chance of receiving relevant traffic from your affiliates.

How to add new affiliate marketing resources

You can define these resources in the Affiliate Marketing Resources area of the Control Panel. To access it, navigate to Marketing tools -> Channel resources.

  1. Click Add affiliate resource.
  2. Choose the type of the marketing resource to add. You can choose between:
    • Text
    • Image
    • Landing page
  3. Define the details of the new resource:
    • For text resources: name and description
    • For image resources: name and URL
    • For landing pages: name and URL
  4. Assign products to the marketing resource by clicking Assign product and choosing the products you want to assign to this resource from the list. You can search for specific products in the Product name search box.
  5. (Optional) Assign promotions to the marketing resource by clicking Assign promotion and choosing the promotions you want to assign to this resource from the list. You can search for specific promotions in the Search promotion search box.
  6. Click Save resource

That's it! You can now see the resource in the Affiliate Marketing Resources page. You can edit or delete it as you please.

What do your affiliates see?

Affiliates can see the marketing resources in the Affiliate Control Panel when they generate new links for your products. They can use the Link type drop-down menu to select the type of resource to use: text, image or landing page.

In the example below, the affiliate chose to use a landing page called My New Landing Page. Once they generate the link, the shoppers accessing it will be redirected to your new landing page.

Your affiliates can see a preview of each resource by clicking the preview links in the Marketing materials section.

By using the landing page's URL, your affiliates can redirect segments of their traffic to each product's landing page.

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