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How to collect churn reasons

How to collect churn reasons

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Any effort to understand how churn occurs starts with a simple questions: where is churn coming from and why? Here are some ways to collect data for voluntary churn, which will later be made available in the churn reports that are currently under construction. 

Collect churn reasons via the Merchant Control Panel 

When canceling a subscription or stopping the automatic billing via the subscription page in the Merchant Control Panel, you are presented with the option to select one or multiple churn reasons.  

If you choose to cancel the subscription immediately, a confirmation pop-up is displayed, along with the possibility of selecting the cancellation reason: 

how to collect churn reasons 1

Providing the reason for cancellation is not mandatory, however if you want to be able to track churn metrics in the future, this could help you get more comprehensive reporting data.

If you stop the automatic billing, you can either choose to disable it right away or after a number of renewals. However, you can only specify the cancellation reason if you end automatic billing effective immediately.

how to collect churn reasons 2

Churn reasons

There are different churn reasons available depending on whether the subscription is disabled or the automatic billing is stopped:

Churn reason Cancel subscription Stop automatic billing
Not satisfied with the product/service Yes Yes
Don’t need the product/service anymore Yes Yes
Covid-19 Yes Yes
Price is too high Yes Yes
Not satisfied with customer support Yes Yes
Accidentally enabled auto-renewal No Yes
Prefer to manually renew my subscription No Yes
Already renewed my subscription No Yes
Don’t need the product/service anymore Yes Yes
Want to pause my subscription No Yes
Others - please specify Yes Yes

Collect churn reasons via 2Checkout MyAccount

Shoppers can specify the reason they wish to stop the automatic billing if they do it via their 2Checkout MyAccount platform. This applies to both subscriptions that have an active churn prevention campaign and to those that do not, with some workflow differences.

All shoppers that click on the “Stop automatic subscription renewal” link (and there is no churn prevention campaign attached to the subscription) get a confirmation pop-up where they can specify the reason for this change.

how to collect churn reasons 3

how to collect churn reasons 4

If a churn prevention campaign is already attached to the subscription, then the “Stop automatic subscription renewal” option is no longer displayed as a churn reason as in the example above. Instead, the shopper is prompted with the configured churn prevention campaign steps.

Next steps

We are currently working on a new churn report that will make this type of data available in a seamless way and will help you understand why customers leave a product/service.

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