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Interface templates

Last updated: 06-Jun-2024
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2Checkout provides a list of responsive templates meant for improving the customer experience during the checkout process.

The templates presented below are available in your Merchant Control Panel under Setup → Interface templates → Template Gallery.

Omnicart Flow Checkout (default) 

Desktop Version

The Omnicart Flow Checkout is a B2B and B2C shopping cart template with add-on products for cross-sales, promotions, and AOV management, optimized for companies on a SaaS or renewal license model. We've recently updated its layout to encompass CRO key findings and best practices and, thus, help merchants using this template see a 5-10% increase in their conversion rates. 

Among the key UX improvements, you can notice the reduced overall height and scroll on-page for the whole form by merging some sections and removing all redundant elements. We've also redesigned the Company/Person selector, changed the order of fields in the form, updated the Paypal payment method with optimized up-to-date flows, simplified texts, and payment method button selector, and added certification and trust logos immediately below the Place Order button on the Review Page.

omnicart flow checkout_desktop view_3.png

Mobile Version

omnicart flow checkout_mobile view_1.png 

omnicart flow checkout_mobile view_2.png

omnicart flow checkout_mobile view_3.png

omnicart flow checkout_mobile view_4.png

Scale Express Checkout 

Desktop version



Mobile Version

templateA_3.PNG  templateA_4.PNG  templateA_5.PNG

Swift-Pay Checkout 

Desktop version



Mobile Version

templateB_3.png  templateB_4.PNG  templateB_5.PNG

Global Optimizer Checkout 

Desktop version




Mobile Version

templateC_4.PNG  templateC_5.PNG  templateC_6.PNG

Digital Horizontal Flow Checkout 

Desktop version


Mobile Version

templateD_2.PNG  templateD_3.PNG  templateD_4.PNG

Drop-down Monetize Checkout 

Desktop version



Mobile Version

templateE_3.PNG  templateE_4.PNG  templateE_5.PNG  templateE_6.PNG

CompactPlus Checkout 

Desktop version


 Mobile Version

templateF_2.PNG  templateF_3.PNG  templateF_4.PNGtemplateF_5.PNG


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