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Hyperlinks for order, customer and subscription details pages

Hyperlinks for order, customer and subscription details pages

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Get access to information on specific orders, customers and subscriptions by easily building links to the Order, Customer and Subscription details pages in the Control Panel.


This feature is available to all 2Checkout accounts.


The Control Panel user accounts accessing information on orders, customers and subscriptions require the following role privileges:

  • eStore order search
  • Customers
  • Subscription Management

To edit user roles, go to Account settings -> Manage user access and click View roles. Edit the user role accordingly and click Save role.

Link parameters

Two parameters are key to building specific links. Both parameters are case sensitive.

  • refno - used to build links to the Order details and Subscriptions details pages.
  • avangateid - used to build links to the Customer details pages.

Order details page

Orders have unique identifiers associated by default. Use these identifiers combined with the refno parameter to build Order details page links.


A link to the Order details page of an order with the 1234567 reference number:

Note: Order reference identifiers are integer values.

Refund orders

Refund orders share the same 2Checkout identifier as the original order. When building links for Refund order details page, you need to add the order status to the URL, together with the refno parameter. You can add the order status via the status parameter (case sensitive).


Subscription details page

Subscriptions also have unique identifiers associated by default. Use these identifiers combined with the refno parameter to build Subscription details page links.


A link to the Subscription details page of a subscription with the 0A001B23C5 reference number:

Customer details page link

Customer accounts have unique 2Checkout identifiers. Use these identifiers together with the avangateid parameter to build links for Customer details pages.

Note: Use the internal, system-generated Avangate customer reference, and not the External customer reference which you control.


A link to the Customer details page of a customer with the id 102407513:
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