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How do I add custom categories for affiliates

How do I add custom categories for affiliates

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Add and manage multiple, custom categories for standalone affiliates or for batches of accounts, and use classifications to filter recipients of newsletter campaigns.


This functionality is available only for active affiliate accounts from the 2Checkout Affiliate Network.

Important: Use UTF-8 character encoding when creating and saving the CSV file with custom categories for your affiliates.

How do I add custom categories and assign affiliates to them?

  1. Navigate to Active Relationships under Relationships for the Affiliate network.
  2. Click Add categories.
  3. Download a list of all your active affiliates as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.
  4. Fill in one or multiple categories under the Categories header. Example:

Not editable









Important: Use UTF-8 character encoding.

Note: The import process takes into account only data marked as editable in the table above. 2Checkout uses the remaining information to identify affiliates and does not import any changes you make to the values marked as not editable.

Best practice: When assigning an affiliate to multiple categories, make sure the CSV file includes inverted commas ("") to mark the lists as a single value:

  • IdAffiliate,CompanyName,Homepage,Categories
  • 1234,Affiliate,,"Premium,Europe,XaaS"
  1. Once you filled in custom categories in your CSV file, import it into the 2Checkout system:
  1. 2Checkout assigns the custom categories to your affiliates. You can access them:
    • By viewing the details page for standalone affiliate.
    • By re-downloading the list of active affiliates following the steps above. The CSV file contains all custom categories you add to affiliates.

How do I manage/delete custom categories or unassigned affiliates?

  1. Re-download the list of active affiliates following the steps above. The CSV file contains all custom categories you add to affiliates.
  2. You can modify existing categories or add new ones and re-upload the resulting file. Important: Use UTF-8 character encoding.
  3. To unassign affiliates from certain categories, simply delete the categories and re-import the file.

Can I manage custom categories individually?

  1. View the details page for standalone affiliate.
  2. Click the red X to delete a category.
  3. Use the add category field to add new categories. Don't forget to save any of the changes you make and separate multiple values with commas (,).

How do I target specific affiliates when I send out newsletters?

  1. Navigate to the Affiliate Newsletter Management area.
  2. Select one or multiple categories of affiliates who will receive a newsletter from the Category field under Compose Newsletter. All custom categories you add into 2Checkout are available under this filter.

2Checkout sends out your newsletter only to affiliates assigned to the custom categories you select.

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