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Override configured product prices

Override configured product prices

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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On the fly pricing allows you to quickly set up special or limited time sales links. 


All 2Checkout accounts that use catalog products in the default ordering flows, ConvertPlus, and Inline Checkout.

Default Ordering Flow

Requirements for default ordering flows

Set up prices on-the-fly to override the prices you already configured in the 2Checkout Control Panel by sending additional parameters in the HTTPS GET request.

When you use the PRICES (PRICES[Product ID][Currency]) query parameter in checkout links, you need to accompany it with the PHASH parameter. This serves to block any tampering with the costs displayed as query parameters. 

Checkout parameter guidance is available here enabling you to generate on-the-fly-price links dynamically in your own website / application.

Configure on-the-fly-pricing for default ordering flows

  1. In the Generate Sales Links area, select a purchase flow and a product. 
  2. Under Main settings check the On the fly pricing option.
  3. Define the price per total quantity in each currency available for your account. Set up only the default currency and let 2Checkout convert that value in any currency shoppers select while purchasing. The price displayed in the shopping cart is Gross or Net, depending on the default price settings for each product. If you want the final price in this sales link to be the full price customers pay (including tax if applicable), set the product price type to gross in the product details page.
  4. Enter price option IDs in the Additional pricing options area to offer a specific configuration of your product to shoppers. While they won't impact the initial purchase, 2Checkout uses price options to calculate renewal charges per your product's configuration. 
  5. Control who purchases special offers by setting an expiration deadline for the link or by inserting a unique link identifier to limit usage to the first IP from which a shopper accesses it. 

ConvertPlus Ordering Flow

Requirements for convertplus ordering flow

The on-the-fly pricing feature is available for ConvertPlus only via custom buy-links.

When you use the prodprice (value and currency), qtyopt, and coupon parameters in the custom ConvertPlus buy-link, you need to include them in the Buy-Links Signature. This serves to block any tampering with the costs displayed as query parameters. The coupon field will still be available in the shopping cart if active promotions are defined at product level. In order to fully lock the product details, you must also add the lock parameter to the custom buy-link. 

ConvertPlus parameter guidance is available here enabling you to generate on-the-fly-price links dynamically on your own website/application.

You need to define prices in the default cart currency for all products included in the buy-link. Otherwise, the products will be invalidated and will not be added to the cart.

In case you define custom prices for multiple other currencies, in addition to the default currency, you need to set them for all products included in the buy-link. The cart will check that there are available custom prices for the currency selected by the shopper and will display them. Otherwise, the cart will convert the custom prices defined for all products in the default currency.

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