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Last updated: 07-Jan-2020
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2Checkout automatically sends out the Invoice email to business customers providing full details on their purchase and finalized transaction.

As of August 31, 2016, you can use a redesigned template complete with fresh content (sample below). The new template has replaced the previous Invoice email, but any customization you have in place, either in terms of styling or content, continues to be available.


All 2Checkout accounts.

What is the purpose of this email?

2Checkout sends out this email to provide business customers with the invoice in PDF format.

Email content

The email includes the following:

  1. Card statement details.
  2. PDF with the invoice.
  3. Order details including, reference, payment method, and total transaction value.


invoice email.png

Preview and test email

Navigate to the Email template manager section to:

  • Preview and test current templates for emails sent to your shoppers.
  • Customize the header and the footer sections by creating custom templates you can assign to one or several of your emails.

Access the Invoice email under the Order section.

Why don't I see the new template for this email?

The redesigned template for the Invoice email has automatically replaced default templates.

If your preview of Invoice email does not show the new template, you're most probably using a customized version that includes content and/or styling your company requested at a certain point in time.

You are more than welcome to compare the above sample to your current template and send us an email if you decide the new one suits your business needs better. We will happily work with you on the switch.

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