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Affiliate sales report

Affiliate sales report

Last updated: 09-Nov-2021
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Sales made through affiliates are centralized for the Affiliates Sales Report, along with sales made through cross-selling campaigns. Cross-selling involves recommending additional products right in the shopping cart, either more items from you or offerings from third-party vendors inside the Avangate network (network cross-selling).

The results listed in the Affiliates Sales Report can be filtered by affiliate and product, but searches performed could also involve parameters as specific offerings and custom time intervals. The Affiliates Sales Report provides a rundown of all affiliate sales per day, enabling the analysis of data in great detail.

Here's a list with all the details provided by the Affiliates Sales Report:

  • CTs (Clickthroughs) - unique clicks sent by affiliates
  • Complete Orders - Complete orders where the affiliate receives a credit
  • ConvR (Conversion ratio) - percent of successful sold products from all affiliate referred products (Products / CTs)
  • Total - Total amount of sold products referred by affiliates (no VAT included, commissions not excluded)
  • Refunds - Total amount of refunded products where the affiliate will be debited (no VAT included, commissions not excluded)
  • ComR - Average affiliate(s) commission percent for the referred sales (CommA/Total)
  • EUR/CT - Average order amount for every referred click (Total/CTs)
  • CommA - Affiliate(s) commission for the referred sales
  • EPC - Earnings per Click

The report uses the currency exchange rate from the day when orders were paid. Note: The data may differ from the Avangate Sales Report which employs a monthly average currency exchange rate.

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