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Inline Trials Flow

Last updated: 01-Apr-2024
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In order to generate an Inline trial checkout cart, it’s mandatory to have the following parameters in the inline script.

  • Signature: for building a Trial buy link it is required to generate a signature - ConvertPlus Buy-Link Signature for Catalog Products
  • Price (define trial price for the corresponding currency - 0 for free trial, higher than 0 for paid trial)
  • Period (define period – not less than 7 days)
  • Currency (define currency)
  • Product Code (define the product for which the trial is applied)

How your script should look like:

                       code: 'ANTV_2016',
                       tperiod: 7,
                       tprices: {EUR: 5, RON: 20},

For more details on parameters setup, check the ConvertPlus URL parameters documentation.


  • the trial period/price applies to a single product
  • the trial period can be a minimum of 7 days
  • 2Checkout uses the custom prices and ignores the per-product pricing configuration
  • supported payment methods: credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Direct Debit
  • 2Checkout automatically converts the trial to a paid subscription when the trial interval expires by charging shoppers based on the payment-on-file information. Customers can opt-out at any time using their myAccount
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