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Best Price Promotions 

Best Price Promotions 

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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The best price promotion feature enables you to offer the shopper the opportunity to get the best discount out of the available options. The feature calculates which is the most advantageous promotion out of two different promotions, when the shopper attempts to introduce a coupon to the cart. After the calculation, the feature will apply the best coupon out of the two. 


  • Expand your customer base  
  • Increase recurring revenue 
  • Enhance and consolidate customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Reduce cart abandonment  


The feature is only available on demand. If you are interested in using this feature, please contact our sales representatives or 2checkout support. 

The feature can be applied to the following types of promotions: 

  • Regular promotions 
  • Multi-product promotions 
  • Special price promotions 
  • Cross-sell promotions 
  • Upsell promotions 


The feature can be applied to all promotion types with the exception of order promotions. 

Use Case 

  1. You sell your product and services through your online platform.
  2. You offer discount coupons to affiliate partners. 
  3. You set a separate auto-applied promotion for the same product of 10 per cent. 
  4. The shopper has a promotion coupon from one of the affiliates of 15 per cent.  
  5. If the best price promotion feature is activated, the affiliate coupon will be applied instead of the auto applied one as it offers a greater discount. 

How it works 

After the best price promotion is activated by the Verifone Administrator, the feature is applied automatically for every shopper transaction.  

  1. When the shopper applies a discount coupon to the order and an auto-applied promotion is already running, the best price promotion feature will ensure that the promotion with the best discount will be applied only. 
  2. When the shopper applies two vouchers one after the other for the same order, only the one with the best discount will be applied. 
  3. If the latest coupon applied results in a lower discount than the previous one, you will be alerted by the following error message: The previous discount is offering you a better deal. You can only change it with a more advantageous coupon. Error Message
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