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Multi-product promotions

Multi-product promotions

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Multi-product promotions allow you to offer percentage-based discounts to your shoppers, based on the number of unique products added to the shopping cart. They apply automatically as long as the order includes the products assigned to the promotion.

How to configure a multi-product promotion

  1. Enter a promotion title and description. Promotion names are visible to your shoppers if the order meets the promotion criteria.
    • Add localized promotion names for any of the supported languages. The 2Checkout shopping cart automatically displays localized promotion names based on the selected shopping cart language.
  2. Define the time interval when you want the promotion to be active. To start a promotion as soon as you activate it, leave the start date empty. If you don't set an end date, the promotion will stop when the maximum number of orders has been reached or will continue to run if the maximum number of orders is set to unlimited.
  3. You can restrict promotions to a specific number of orders, or set them to run indefinitely
  4. Define a minimum order value threshold. Choose whether to apply the promotion to any order or only to orders exceeding a certain value (including taxes). To set a threshold, choose Custom, define the threshold and select the default currency. Orders using currencies without a threshold are automatically converted to the default threshold currency, using exchange rates applicable at the moment of purchase. 
  5. Select whether or not to activate the promotion as soon as you save it.
  6. Configure the discount depending on the number of unique products added to the shopping cart. Click Add rule, enter a number of unique products to be detected in the cart and set the corresponding discount. You can add multiple scenarios for different numbers of unique products. If you define multiple promotions or scenarios, 2Checkout automatically applies the one with the highest discount, provided that the order meets the promotion criteria.
  7. Assign products to the promotion. Multi-products promotions only apply to products in the shopping cart that are not subject to another regular promotion or cross-selling discount at the time of purchase!
  8. Save the promotion when you're done configuring it.
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