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Mark orders as shipped

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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If you offer tangible products through 2Checkout, or if your cart utilizes your 2Checkout account’s shipping methods (such as WooCommerce), you are required to mark these orders as shipped to qualify associated funds for payout(s). Any tangible sale that is not marked as shipped will not deposit and therefore will not be paid out.

Note: Sales for intangible products and orders passed in without a shipping method using one of our third party cart parameter sets will deposit automatically and cannot be marked as shipped.

Mark orders as shipped

You can confirm the delivery of your orders from Orders and customers > Fulfillment confirmations, or directly from the order page.

In the Fulfillment confirmations page, select the order you want to confirm the delivery for, and click Confirm fulfillment. In case you select a single order, for which a shipping method was used during the ordering process, you will be asked to fill in a Tracking number and Additional shipping information (both optional fields).

You can select multiple orders and confirm the delivery simultaneously for them.

Note: Once an order has been marked as shipped, 2Checkout sends a notification to the customer, letting them know that the delivery process has started.

Print package slip

Use the Print Package Slip functionality to print a document that confirms the shipment date, together with the order information. Add this document to the package that will be shipped to your customers, so that they have an easy time matching the package with their order.

Edit shipping information

Update the shipping information for orders marked as shipped. In case you want to provide an additional note to your customers regarding the delivery, or want to fill in a different Tracking Number, use the Edit Shipping Information functionality from the order page. 2Checkout sends a notification to your customers once you update the shipping information from an order.

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