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Subscription details

Last updated: 01-Mar-2024
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Subscription details

After logging in to your Merchant Control Panel account, navigate to Orders & Customers → Subscriptions, and use the Subscription search filters to see subscriptions of a certain type and/or from a specific time period.

Click the View button in the Subscription details column to see more details.

Main subscription details page area

At the top of the page you can see some general details of the subscription:

  • Subscription status;
    • Subscription details: An upgraded label will be applicable only to the upgraded subscriptions with disable option
  • 2Checkout Subscription Reference;
  • Customer (the shopper who made the purchase);
  • Product name

Subscription info

This area centralizes details on:

  • Start date;
  • Expiration date;
  • Billing cycle value;
  • Automatic billing status;
  • Payment Method and the four last digits of the credit/debit card used for payments;
  • Next billing date;
  • Current billing amount.


This area shows an overview of the subscription value expressed in your account's default settlement currency.

The statistics offer a quick overview of the evolution of a subscription, helping you to keep track of renewals, upgrades, and notifications.

Manual renewal and upgrade

Access manual renewal and upgrade links for subscriptions. 

Subscription history

This area centralizes information on orders (including unfinished renewals), notifications and changes impacting a specific subscription. You can see if one of your customers chose to opt-out from renewal e-mails using the unsubscribe link from the reminder e-mails, or from his 2Checkout account. The actions of subscribing to renewal e-mails are also captured in the subscription history.

Expiration notification

For expired subscriptions, you can send a renewal reminder to your customers directly from the Subscription page. Click the Send expiration email and choose whether the expired card instructions should also be included in the email notification.


This area shows details of the subscription's end user. The data is identical to the delivery details the customer entered when placing the initial order and can be identical to the billing information.

Subscription renewal billing following the initial purchase will be done using the end-user details, and not the original billing information supplied by the customer when the product was first purchased.

You can edit this data by clicking the Edit button.

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