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Checkout advanced options

Checkout advanced options

Last updated: 18-Jul-2024
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You can benefit from a whole list of advanced options when using the 2Checkout hosted checkout:

Order language 

Select the AUTO option for the order language to let 2Checkout select the checkout language depending on the customer's browser language preferences.

Billing currency

Select the AUTO option for the billing currency to let 2Checkout select the billing currency depending on the customer's location. 

Compact shopping cart fields

Check to compact and minimize the number of mandatory cart fields shoppers need to fill in during the purchase process. Read more here.

Order template

Use either the default interface template assigned to your products for the checkout process or override the product group configuration and select a specific design.

Your link source

The link source for the sales. Use the SRC parameter to track every sale point generator (e.g. homepage, product page, etc.)

Redirect URL

Shoppers will be redirected to this URL after the payment is confirmed. The Redirect URL replaces the default Thank you page. Only URLs set up on an approved redirect domain/subdomain can be used. If the URLs' domain/subdomain is not whitelisted the shopper will be redirected to the default Thank you page.

To manage domains that can be used in the redirect URLs after purchase go to Setup > Ordering options > Redirect domains > Add domain.

   The domain validation will be available starting with 30th of July. Until that date we will whitelist the needed domains based on historical data.

Whitelist domains

Affiliate ID

Assign the order and associated commission for the sale to a specific affiliate. 

Payment method

Preselect the payment method for the order.

Coupon code

Add a valid coupon code to the parameter COUPON= and the appropriate discount will be deducted from the product price and displayed in the shopping cart and/or checkout page.

Additional information

E.g.: Free download, etc.

Pre-check extra checkout options 

Check the boxes below to automatically display the options as preselected in the shopping cart (by default, none of them is preselected).

  •  Auto-select the Backup Media option
  •  Auto-select Download Insurance option
  •  Auto-select cross-selling products
  •  Auto-select gift option
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