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Test adding a product coupon to the InLine Checkout

Test adding a product coupon to the InLine Checkout

Last updated: 07-Apr-2021
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Use theTwoCoInlineCart.cart.addCoupon('COUPON')method to apply a single coupon.

Use case - Add Product Coupon

  1. Add an HTML link or button to your page like the one below.
  2. Create a JavaScript click handler to execute the Inline Client desired methods.
  3. Use theTwoCoInlineCart.products.add({code, quantity, options})method to prepare your catalog product.
  4. To apply a coupon to your products in the shopping cart, use theTwoCoInlineCart.cart.addCoupon('COUPON')method.
  5. To show the cart on your page call theTwoCoInlineCart.cart.checkout()method.

Sample request


<a href="#" class="btn btn-success" id="buy-button">Buy now!</a>


window.document.getElementById('buy-button').addEventListener('click', function() {
    code: "74B8E17CC0"


After setting the test mode to add a coupon to the InLine checkout using the above method, your cart should look like this:


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