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Set up redirect URLs for ConvertPlus ordering flow

Set up redirect URLs for ConvertPlus ordering flow

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Redirect your customers together with the sale parameters to a page or script after a successful sale on the ConvertPlus cart. You can specify the redirect URL at the account, product, and buy-link level.

Specifying an approved URL at the account level will direct all buyers to the same URL after a successful ConvertPlus checkout.


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Available only for merchants that have ConvertPlus cart enabled on their account. Contact us for ConvertPlus activation.

Applicable only to online payment methods (ex: Credit cards and PayPal).

To learn how to set a redirect URL on 2Checkout default ordering flows, read this article.

Return methods

2Checkout provides three methods in which the buyer and sale parameters can be returned to your approved URL.

You may send the buyer to our order processed page which displays a Click Here to Finalize your Order button to redirect the buyer, you may bypass the order processed page using a header redirect or you can immediately display your approved URL to the buyer while they remain on our server. You can set your return method and Approved URL at different levels of granularity:

  • Set the return method and Approved URL at order level (apply to individual sales) from the Generate Links area, after enabling the Enable return after sale checkbox.
  • Set the return method and Approved URL at product level (apply to all successful sales of this product) from the Fulfillment area of the product page, after enabling the Enable return after sale checkbox.
  • Set the return method and Approved URL at account level (apply to all successful orders, irrespective of the product ordered) from your 2Checkout Merchant Control Panel by navigating to Dashboard → Integrations → Webhooks & API → Redirect URL, and select the Enable return after sale checkbox.

Links IN thank you page

The shopper is sent to the Thank You Page, which will display a link that will act as a redirect to the Approved URL.

With the return method set to Link in Thank You Page, the shopper will be taken to the Thank You Page after completing a successful purchase. This page will feature a redirect link. When clicked, the shopper (and collected sale parameters if the case) is directed to the provided Approved URL via GET.


Set the return method to Header Redirect to have the Approved URL immediately displayed to the shoppers, while they still remain on our server.

The shopper will be immediately redirected to your Approved URL. Using this method, the sale parameters will be returned along with the shopper (in case of product/order URL).


Note to user NOTE:  Direct return is available only to clients upgraded from previous 2Checkout Admin Area.

With the return method set to Direct Return, sale parameters will be posted automatically to the approved URL while fetched by our server and displayed to the buyer. When using this return method, the Approved URL will be masked to the customer, while the experience provided would be that of a 2Checkout domain.

This method can be used with redirects as long as each page outputs more than 255 characters of content to the browser. If Direct Return encounters a page that redirects without outputting content the process will fail and the customer will be sent to our standard Order Processed page. This generally occurs with a header redirect from your Approved URL when that URL outputs less than 255 characters of content to the browser.

Approved URL priority

Depending on the cPanel URL settings and the return methods you have in place, the priority of the approved URL will be the following:

  • Priority I: Order level – with corresponding Approved URL set at order level. 
  • Priority II: Product level – with corresponding return method, has priority if there is no order level return URL and there is only one product with product level Approved URL set.
  • Priority III: Account level – with corresponding return method set at vendor account level is applied in any of the following situations:
    • There are more than one products in the cart that have approved URLs set, and there is no order level approved URL.
    • None of the products have approved URL set and there is no order level URL set.


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