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February 2021

Last updated: 17-Mar-2021
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Release description



February 2, 2021 Optimized the Merchant Control Panel search experience so that merchants don’t have to scroll down anymore in order to see all the search results. Feature

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February 8, 2021 Merchants can now create and delete upsell campaigns via API so that they are able to synchronize their systems easier. Feature
February 9, 2021 Added Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian languages to the shopping cart frontend and shopping cart API to improve the user experience for the Baltic countries and help merchants selling in this region increase their conversion rates. Feature


February 9, 2021 Via getDealInfo API method, merchants can now retrieve details of existing subscriptions while requesting a simulation of an upgrade price considering custom details. Calculation of the upgrade price and the prorated amount is done by considering also the taxes applicable for the specific transaction. Feature Click here
February 21, 2021 Added documentation for API 6.0 error handling for the placeOrder call. Patch Click here
February 23, 2021 Added support for order promotions for catalog products in ConvertPlus so that merchants can offer order discounts also, not only product level discounts, as supported currently via regular promotions and special price promotions. Feature Click here
February 25, 2021 Merchants can now receive the product pricing options selected on a license in the LCN payload. Feature Click here
February 26, 2021 Increased platform security by enabling merchants to use 2-factor authentication when changing sensitive data within the Merchant Control Panel on the IP tools page. Patch Click here
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