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November 2018

Last updated: 07-Feb-2019
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November 15, 2018 Increase the security of your shopping cart details by adding a new ConvertPlus buy-link parameter for dynamic products. This parameter passes information on the product options. Patch Click me
November 15, 2018 We've added a new parameter ("order-ext-ref") for the Inline Cart template that helps you track your shoppers' orders. This parameter is optional in the buy-link. Patch Click me
November 16, 2018 As we are constantly improving our processes, new vendors now benefit from a smooth and seamless onboarding process where they are redirected to their new Control Panel accounts right from sign-up. Feature Click me
November 19, 2018 You can now benefit from a new ConvertPlus feature that allows you to save the association between the order reference and the shopping cart template so that for manual renewal and/or unfinished payments your shoppers' experience will be recreated. Feature Click me
November 19, 2018 You can now use the ConvertPlus unfinished payments leads to address your customers via Leads Management. Feature Click me
November 19, 2018 Merchants on the PSP business model can now sign an electronic agreement during their onboarding process. Feature -
November 20, 2018 We’ve implemented the authentication between the website and merchant API that will increase communication security between website and platform backend through merchant API. Patch -
November 20, 2018 We’ve added a ‘request activation button’ in the Control Panel sidebar for new sign-ups to further ease their onboarding process. Patch -
November 28, 2018 Have better and more effective control over your affiliate network and affiliate commissions with an additional URL parameter. If you add this parameter to the buy-link when the order is placed, the Avangate Affiliate cookie will be ignored and the order will be processed and reported as a vendor sale. Feature -
November 28, 2018 Merchants can now restrict their shoppers from changing the product options and quantity in ConvertPlus in case of custom manual renewal for better control over shopping actions. Feature -
November 30, 2018 We implemented the Print Package Slip functionality so that PSP merchants can offer a customized experience to their shoppers. Feature -
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