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March 2018

Last updated: 23-Apr-2018
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Feature/Patch/Bug fix



March 1, 2018 Your notifications system has been further optimized, as you can now receive additional order information as part of the License Change Notifications. Our system can serve your URL endpoints both the reference of the last order placed and the original sale that generated the subscription. Feature Click me
March 30, 2018 Your Instant Payment Notifications now include information related to the fraud status of your orders. A new parameter has been added for showing the status of your orders that are being manually reviewed by our Fraud Review team. Feature Click me
March 13, 2018 The FX rate is now displayed in the orders report available for your RRT invoices issued. Click here to learn more about the Revenue Recovery tools. Patch -
March 1, 2018 Fixed a bug causing Control Panel users without the required privileges to access promotion pages. Fix -
March 6, 2018 Fixed a bug blocking changes of renewal discount settings from being saved. Fix -
March 6, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the AVANGATE_CUSTOMER_REFERENCE parameter to not be included in the Instant Payment Notification triggered by a refund event. Fix -
March 9, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the export of price configurations without decimals. Fix -
March 13, 2018 Fixed a bug prohibiting users from accessing the order search export sent via email. Fix -
March 14, 2018 Fixed a bug blocking changes in pricing options group from being saved. Fix -
March 15, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the confirmation of partner orders without having the delivery fulfilled successfully. Fix -
March 21, 2018 Fixed a bug causing a wrong overlay of the pricing option editing menu. Fix -
March 26, 2018 Fixed an issue causing an increased loading time of PayPal In-Context in the shopping cart. Fix -
March 27, 2018 Fixed a bug causing subscriptions to not get automatically re-enabled after orders were re-approved by the Fraud Review team. Fix -
March 27, 2018 Fixed an issue causing the Instant Payment Notifications triggers for Purchase Orders to not get displayed in the Control Panel. Fix -
March 28, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the display of a wrong number of records for cross-selling campaigns. Fix -
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