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May 2020

Last updated: 22-Jul-2020
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Release description



May 07, 2020 Enhanced Merchant experience by updating the page layout and structure for the Renewal discounts section under Setup > Renewal in the Merchant Control Panel. The page components were compacted into a single section card, making the search form layout inline. Patch -
May 11, 2020 Shoppers will no longer need to manually remove the pause associated with a subscription after they upgraded that subscription. This will be done automatically, as part of the upgrade process, depending on the upgrade setup. Patch Click me
May 12, 2020 As part of the Lead management support, a new flag was added to the getLead method in order to allow merchants to filter out the already used leads. Patch -
May 12, 2020 The validation logic for VAT IDs in The Netherlands was updated to reflect the new format introduced for businesses in this country. The validation will be done automatically in the shopping cart. Patch -
May 14, 2020 Launched an enhanced default template for the ConvertPlus cart to help merchants increase conversion rates and maximize their revenues. Feature Click me
May 15, 2020

The proposal service is the backbone of the new CPQ capabilities that 2Checkout is marketing. It is intended to store cart information at a particular point in time and allow merchants to make ad hoc changes to the cart configuration for the purposes of offering custom deals to their shoppers.

The proposal service offers support via API for this database object with simple CRUD methods via REST API allowing professional services to implement Save Cart capabilities and updates per business flow requirements.

Feature Click me
May 28, 2020 Implemented affiliate traffic tracking through Adobe to evaluate conversion metrics for traffic generated by our affiliates. Feature -
May 28, 2020 We increased the session timeout in the Control Panel for all users (merchants, partners, affiliates) to improve their overall experience with the platform. Patch -
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