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April 2018

Last updated: 14-May-2018
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Feature/Patch/Bug fix



April 12, 2018 You can now import test subscriptions for trying out advanced renewal and upgrade scenarios. Read this article to learn more about the available test options for your imported subscriptions. Feature Click me
April 12, 2018 You can now import partners in the 2Checkout system without populating their State during the process. Feature -
April 18, 2018 Your affiliates are now notified with 14, 7, 3 and 1 day(s) before their password expiration. Feature -
April 18, 2018 You can now receive in the Thank You Page the result of our fraud system evaluation for your orders, by using the new FRAUD_REVIEW buy link parameter. Feature Click me
April 26, 2018 You can now use 2Checkout's API to retrieve negative prorated upgrade prices, based on your order upgrade scenarios. Patch Click me and me
April 4, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the affiliates list from the newsletter page to disappear when creating a newsletter. Fix -
April 5, 2018 Fixed a bug causing IPNs to not populate license parameters for bundle products. Fix -
April 12, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the LICENCE_TYPE parameter from the LCN to be set with value REGULAR, instead of RENEWAL. Fix -
April 12, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the charging of a wrong affiliate commission for an order. Fix -
April 12, 2018 Fixed a bug prohibiting a merchant user from editing a pricing option. Fix -
April 20, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the wrong display of an error message during the Two Factor authentication process. Fix -
April 23, 2018 Fixed a bug causing an error when adding a new affiliate resource by marking optional fields as mandatory. Fix -
April 26, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the cart session to expire when accessing a buy link for a Purchase Order with 0 value. Fix -
April 30, 2018 Fixed a bug blocking an unfinished payment notification from being sent for an order recovered via Lead Management. Fix -
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